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Max Bregenzer ’12

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Living life to the Max

Max BregenzerMax Bregenzer has traveled, studied, and lived in four countries—Germany, Spain, Argentina, and the United States—and he might not yet be done.

Bregenzer, 22, was born and raised in Germany and now works in his home country for a large grocery wholesaler. The company, called Edeka, also is sending him to school. He studies for three months, then applies what he’s learned for three months. He’ll do that for a total of three years and at the end will have a holistic perspective of the company. It was through this model that Bregenzer came to Augsburg.

He researched schools in the U.S. and found that Augsburg offered the classes he wanted, including human resources and project management, problem-solving for business, and international business. He said he also was lured by the arts and outdoor activities. “I learned about theatre and was totally surprised that everyone is biking here in the winter,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Bregenzer has studied or lived abroad. He spent a year of high school in Spain. Then he went to Argentina to work with street youths as part of his civil service.

Bregenzer is the oldest of three boys, and his family since about 1869 has owned a group of bakeries and cafés within 40 miles of his home city. You can see all the tasty-looking treats his family makes at Maxl Bäck (

He hasn’t shut the door on the idea that he might someday work in the family business, but for now he is focused on learning and practicing regional store management.

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