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Embracing green horizons

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In late summer, two of the three remaining elm trees in Augsburg’s quad—an alumni gift from more than 50 years ago—were removed because of Dutch Elm disease. While it was sad to lose the trees, the College reserved some of the wood to be transformed into pieces of art, partnering with Tom Peter, a local certified arborist and woodturning artist.

The elms created wonderful character of space in the quad for decades and have helped inspire a longer-term vision of the central campus as a larger green space that, over time, will become an even more significant component of campus life. The design for an expanded quad is one of the principal ideas resulting from work done in 2011 to develop a campus master plan and has inspired new thinking around a special campaign effort to support the creation of an “urban arboretum”—a multi-functional green space that deepens the student, faculty, staff, and community experience through hands-on education, research, and recreation.

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