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Travel in Thailand and Cambodia

Q&A with tour guide and Professor of English Kathy Swanson

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Q: How many times have you traveled to Thailand? What keeps bringing you back?

A:My husband and I lived in Thailand as Peace Corps volunteers for two years and have returned eight times since. We return because we feel Thailand is our “second home.” We love Thailand’s beauty—from the huge city of Bangkok to the mountains of northern Thailand in Chiang Mai to the small beach town where we lived. We also have many dear friends, some former students and colleagues, with whom we love to reconnect.

Q: Can you share with us a memory from a trip you led with Augsburg students?

A: We have shared our love of Thailand with Augsburg students during five trips and have so many good memories. Former Auggies still share their memories and pictures of the trips with us. Some of these students became English language learner teachers because of their experience teaching English in our former school. I remember one student, for example, who was hesitant about going so far away from home and to such an unfamiliar place. She had been my student in several classes and seemed to trust me when I encouraged her, so she took the big step. We are still in contact after many years and she has written about her trip to Thailand as being “life-changing.” She stepped out of her comfort zone and experienced things she could have never imagined, gaining confidence and self-awareness.

Q: Who should take this trip?

A:Anyone who values expanding a worldview, learning about a new culture, and experiencing beauty.

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