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Artist preparing to display their work in an art gallery on campus

In Focus: Surprising sights worth a first (or second) glance

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This fall, Philadelphia-based artist Margery Amdur created mixed media installations in Augsburg’s Christensen and Gage Family galleries. Amdur’s art emphasizes the creative process and incorporates unusual materials— including cosmetic sponges. The exhibition was presented as part of a collaboration among Augsburg, Bethel University, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and St. Catherine University in conjunction with the publication of the book “Creative Practices for Visual Artists.”

Close up look at the unsual materials used in the artists gallery
The Augsburg Ice Rink stripped down to dirt

Here’s a new take on the “spring thaw.” Virtually all summer and fall, the Augsburg Ice Arena was iceless, which allowed construction crews to complete facility improvements, including installing a more environmentally friendly refrigerant system and upgrading the ice sheet fl oors from sand to concrete bases. Augsburg’s two-rink facility opened in 1974 and is used extensively—not only by the university’s men’s and women’s hockey teams, but also by community groups, youth sports leagues, fi gure skating clubs, and recreational skaters.

The Augsburg Ice Rink undercontruction
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