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The Augsburg Choir Legacy Recordings

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Leland B. SaterenContinuing the Augsburg Choir’s 75th anniversary celebration, Augsburg is proud to announce that CD versions of the Augsburg Choir recordings from 1949-1979 will soon be available. These re-mastered historical treasures will be released as The Augsburg Choir Legacy Recordings.

Three boxed sets, each containing five CDs, will be produced:

Box 1: From Opseth to Sateren

1949-50: Augsburg Choir, with Henry P. Opseth conducting. Includes Jeg er saa glad, Praise to the Lord, and Song of Mary

1951-52: includes Sateren’s Cycle for Christmas and his arrangement of The Sun Has Gone Down

1954-55: includes Sateren’s Christmas Canticle

1956-57: includes Knut Nystedt’s Cry Out and Shout

1961-62: includes Sateren’s His Compassions Fail Not

Box 2: Sateren Intermezzo

1964-65: includes music from the European tour, spanning 400 years of music from Corsi and Bach to Jean Berger

1967-68: Praise to God; includes Sateren’s Seek Not Afar for Beauty

1969-70: Thy Truth Within; includes Sateren’s composition by the same name

1970-71: Make a Joyful Noise; includes Sateren’s The Poor and Needy

1971-72: The Redeemer; includes Sateren’s A Choral Cycle The Redeemer

Box 3: Sateren Finale

1972-73: An Ascription of Praise; includes Sateren’s composition by the same name

1974-75: Day of Pentecost; includes Sateren’s composition by the same name

1975-76: And Death Shall Have No Dominion; visiting director Idar Karevold

1977-78: Here Comes Our King; includes Sateren’s composition by the same name

1978-79: Gloria; includes the title piece by Lars Edlund

The Augsburg Choir Legacy Recordings will add to the richness of the choral tradition of the past, present, and future. Dr. Bill Halverson ’51 has written a monograph about Leland B. Sateren’s life and career that will be included with the recordings. These recordings will also confirm the historical and continued significance of Augsburg College as a place of preparation for service in community and church.

The Augsburg Choir Legacy Recordings will be available early next year through the Augsburg College Bookstore. For information on ordering the CDs, go to the Music Department website,

Cost: $49 per boxed set; $135 for all three boxed sets, plus shipping and handling.

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