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map image that says "challenge, explore, adventure, experience, discover"Augsburg’s Office of International Programs (OIP) for more than 25 years has provided internationally recognized and award-winning programs to students who seek cross-cultural and hands-on learning abroad. The office also brings international students to campus.

“Increasingly, a global perspective is critical to a liberal arts education,” said Orval Gingerich, assistant vice president for International Programs and director of the Center for Global Education. “Intercultural experiences—at home and abroad—are a way to bridge global and local issues.”

During the 2009-10 school year, nearly 275 students studied abroad. At the same time, Augsburg’s Minneapolis campus was home to nearly 100 international students from about two dozen countries including Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Tanzania, Togo, and many more.

In this edition of Augsburg Now, we present a snapshot of the stories of students with ties to Guatemala, Germany, Mexico, China, Vietnam, and Kenya. Some traveled from Augsburg to other parts of the globe. Others came to Augsburg and the Twin Cities from far away home countries. Still others have graduated and are on to the next chapters of their stories.

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