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Portrait of Kristina Boerger

Schwartz Professor of Choral Leadership and Conducting

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This fall, Augsburg named Kristina Boerger the inaugural John N. Schwartz Professor of Choral Leadership and Conducting. Boerger leads a visionary program honoring Augsburg’s legacy of engaging both music majors and non-music majors across campus.

“Kristina Boerger has collaborated with leading composers and artists in creatively advancing the field of choral study and performance,” said Augsburg University President Paul Pribbenow. “Her work has garnered national recognition, and we’re excited to have her join Augsburg.”

With a strong commitment to inclusion, access, and equity, Boerger brings to Augsburg a long and diverse professional practice of exploring music from varied cultures. She has worked in public school, collegiate, community, and professional settings. In addition to her achievements in commissioning and premiering new works, Boerger served as director of three choirs that earned critical acclaim from The New York Times. She holds degrees in music education and conducting from the University of Illinois.

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