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A sign across the balany over the Christensen Center stairs reads Augsburg Bold

Augsburg hosts bold new speaker series

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Augsburg Bold is a series of initiatives designed to help Augsburg University students continue to thrive during the pandemic and to enjoy the distinctive experience offered at Augsburg.

As part of that work, during Fall 2020, the university quad was set up as a physically distanced outdoor seminar room, enabling up to 60 attendees to take part in a series of remarkable presentations. All presentations were also livestreamed via Zoom.

Students had the opportunity to hear from several speakers:

  • Katie Clark ’10 MAN, ’14 DNP spoke about her work building relationships with those in our community who are experiencing homelessness and helping to ensure that their basic needs for food, shelter, and health care are met.
  • Olivia House ’20 discussed the summer of resistance by Black youth.
  • Jodi Harpstead, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, spoke about what she’s learned through her work during the pandemic.
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Gwen Walz discussed their experience in education and leadership.

Watch recordings of selected speakers at

Top image: Augsburg’s quad was decorated for the Augsburg Bold speaker series. (Photo by Courtney Perry)

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