Kathleen M. Clark

Associate Professor, Executive Director of the Health Commons

CB 118

In 2009, Dr. Clark began her teaching role at Augsburg University in the Department of Nursing, which included coordinating the Augsburg Central Health Commons.  Since that time, her roles have expanded as she has been appointed as the Executive Director of the Augsburg Health Commons and serves as a member of the Mission and Identity Division at the university. Her primary teaching responsibility is in the graduate nursing program in courses that focus on issues of social justice, health inequities, and civic engagement. Katie’s scholarship emphasizes creating unique models of teaching and learning in local context. For example, Katie has created and led courses that are designed in an immersion format that allows students to gain insight first-hand from people living in the margins while learning transcultural nursing skills.  In addition, Katie has collected various oral histories of members of the community, students, and faculty at Augsburg University sharing their stories and experiences, especially as it relates to health.

In her role, Katie is responsible for leading the Augsburg Health Commons, which are nursing-led drop-in centers that focus on radical hospitality and building trusting relationships with people in marginalized communities.  These sites allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the social determinants of health and learn firsthand of issues that create otherness in healthcare systems. The first health commons location, which was started thirty years ago, is called the Augsburg Central Health Commons and is located in downtown Minneapolis at Central Lutheran Church.  Most of the individuals who visit this space are experiencing homelessness or are marginally housed.  The second location, the Health Commons in Cedar-Riverside, was launched in 2011 in partnership with two other local non-profits.  Most of those who enter this space are people who have fled war in East Africa and are currently living in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. And in 2018, three DNP-TCN graduate students opened the Health Commons in Rochester with Katie’s mentorship.  These sites are used for student learning experiences based on fostering relationships built on mutual benefit, de-emphasizing the expert model, and are guided by the principle of accompaniment.  They also represent Augsburg’s commitment to being of place and their rich history of being engaged in community-academic partnerships.

Before coming to Augsburg, Katie previously worked for eight years as a nurse at the University of Minnesota Medical Center – East Bank in both oncology hematology and the medical ICU.  She has traveled to 20 countries and participated in many local volunteer programs, such as the Bridge for Youth and Higher Ground.  She is married to her partner, David, and has three children.


  • D.N.P. in Transcultural Leadership: Augsburg University (2014)
  • M.A.N. with a Transcultural Nursing Emphasis: Augsburg University (2010)
  • B.S.N: University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (2002)

Areas of Teaching Responsibility

  • Transcultural nursing
  • Social justice praxis
  • Care for marginalized populations
  • Civic agency/Citizen nurse
  • Community engagement/immersion experiences
  • Community partnerships


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Current Certifications

  • Public Health Nurse (PHN)
  • Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS)