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Augsburg University recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic, leadership, service, and extracurricular achievements through Augsburg’s scholarship program.  Due to the generous amounts of our institutional scholarships, a student’s total scholarship award plus any state and/or federal grants cannot exceed the total cost of tuition at Augsburg.  For a list of scholarships available for students transferring to Augsburg, please see our transfer scholarships.

Early Auggie Scholarship

Incoming first-year students who submit an admission application and 2024-25 FAFSA (or applicable equivalent) by March 1st, 2024 (Extended Deadline), and are admitted to Augsburg for Fall 2024 will receive an annual $2,000 Early Auggie Scholarship.

Amount: $2,000 per year

Opportunity, Regents and Honors Scholarship

The Opportunity, Regents and Honors Scholarships recognize new first year students of high academic achievement who begin in the fall semester. These scholarships are awarded based on unweighted high school GPA and are automatically awarded to all qualified students who are admitted to Augsburg University. Applicants will receive either the Opportunity, Regents, OR the Honors Scholarship and will be notified of their scholarship award on their acceptance letter. Recipients must be enrolled full time (12+ credits) in the day program working towards their first bachelor’s degree.

Amount: $21,000 – $30,000 per year

Augsburg Promise Scholarship

The Augsburg Promise Scholarship program acknowledges academic success and is designed to make Augsburg University affordable for students with demonstrated financial need.

Incoming first year students will receive the total cost of tuition and standard fees (does not include room, board or books) through scholarships and grants if they meet certain eligibility requirements.  For more information and eligibility requirements, please see the Augsburg Promise Scholarship program details.

Amount: Full Tuition

American Indian Recognition Full Tuition Program

Augsburg’s American Indian Recognition Full Tuition Program aims to support and promote the importance of American Indian students on campus. The program will cover all remaining tuition and fees after federal and state gift aid has been applied for eligible students starting in Fall 2024. Visit the American Indian Recognition Full Tuition Program website for more information.

Amount: Full Tuition

Augsburg Family Scholars

The Augsburg Family Scholars is a program to narrow the opportunity gap for students with foster care backgrounds, beginning in Fall 2024.  The program is designed to work in tandem with the state-level support, but is open to any new or returning undergraduate student with a foster care background. Visit the Augsburg Family Scholars website for more information.

Amount: Up to Full Comprehensive Fees (including tuition, housing, meal plan, and books)


…and tell your parents we have a Parent Grant!

Students who have a child who is currently attending Augsburg University are eligible to receive a grant. More details can be found on our Student Financial Services page.

Amount: $50.00 off per Adult Undergraduate credit, $80.00 off per Graduate program credit.