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Augsburg Applies to you

Augsburg is making a major shift from a “gatekeeper” model of admissions to an enrollment experience focused on student belonging. This new program, called Augsburg Applies To You, includes a totally new way to be admitted and a new approach to student engagement that is connected to first-year student success. Under this direct admissions approach, students who meet a certain GPA threshold will be immediately offered admission—in some cases, before they even apply.

The traditional roles in the admissions process will be intentionally reversed to better cultivate student belonging. Focusing on the prospective student’s many attributes, we intend to replace the transactional with the relational and recruiting with personal coaching. Our admissions professionals will continue their connection with students well after starting classes. This equity-minded shift will better align the admissions process with Augsburg’s values and give us the needed time to support students in navigating the college selection process.


Admission Requirements

Submitting our online Augsburg Application form – a very short version of a traditional application – is easy and fast. It can usually be completed in 10 minutes or less, and the only additional thing we need in order to give you an admission decision is an unofficial high school transcript. Students can apply through the Common Application or through the Augsburg Application form.

Official Transcripts are required for any student applying who attends/attended a high school outside of the United States.

Learn More

Want to learn more before you apply? Let us know you’re interested. This form will create a personalized Auggie Insider page for you, where you can find information about Augsburg University based on your areas of interest. If you have already filled out this form, you can log back into your student account.

Not a traditional first-year student?  Please see our website for additional information on applying as a transfer or international student.