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Test-Free Admissions Policy

ACT or SAT test scores are not considered for admission for incoming undergraduate (first-year and transfer) student applications.

Not just a number

Augsburg uses a holistic admissions process that includes many factors, not just numbers, to understand the complexity and potential of our students. Our application process allows us to maintain Augsburg’s academic standards and ensure we admit students with the capacity to succeed at Augsburg.

Intentional diversity

Adopting a test-free admissions policy aligns with Augsburg’s mission of intentional diversity. Standardized test scores may not indicate potential ability for some student populations, including people without access to test preparation courses, people with learning and physical differences, and English language learners.


High school GPA (grade point average) is a strong indicator for college performance, and Augsburg will continue to use “unweighted” GPAs in the admissions process. We convert all GPAs to a 0-4.0 scale and remove any weighting for advanced or accelerated courses in order to make admissions decisions.

Additional Information

Qualities in applicants

Augsburg Admissions evaluates applicants on a variety of factors, including: GPAs, the academic rigor of their coursework, their writing samples (including our short-answer questions), academic letter of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, and demonstrated leadership in their communities. We also look for evidence of self-reflection, curiosity, and persistence.

When to submit a test score

The ACT or SAT test score may be requested in lieu of placement tests after the point of admission to the University.

International students

International students will not be impacted by the change to a Test-Free Admission Policy.  ACT or SAT scores may be utilized to fulfill the English Proficiency section of an application for admission.

Transfer students

Transfer students will not have their ACT or SAT scores considered as a part of the admissions review. Transfer student are required to submit high school transcripts if they have earned less than 24 transferable college credits.

No change to admission standards

Augsburg has always believed in a holistic assessment of applicants. Academic trends, rigor of curriculum, unweighted GPA, leadership traits, persistence, writing skills and other traits, collectively, have always been the most reliable predictors of success.


Our Admission Team is available and happy to address any questions you may have: or call 612-330-1001.