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PsyD students in class

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology

Augsburg’s PsyD program is a replication of the former Minnesota School of Professional Psychology’s PsyD in Clinical Psychology.  It is a full-time, year-round, five-year, and on-campus program that aims to educate and train students following the practitioner-scholar model, so that they will be able to function effectively as health service psychologists. To ensure that students are adequately prepared, the curriculum is designed to provide for meaningful integration of psychological research, theory, and clinical practice with diverse individuals within a broad spectrum of contexts. The program emphasizes the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for psychologists who are committed to the ethical provision of quality, evidence based psychological services, including therapy, assessment, consultation, and supervision. Interpersonal and multicultural competency are foundational elements of our program.

Standards and Evaluations

  • Training to fill professional role of a licensed, health service psychologist.
  • Evaluation of performance and competence across multiple dimensions
  • Review and evaluation of student’s cognitive, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal functioning and development
  • Conformation to ethical standards which govern the behavior of professional psychologists

Augsburg University’s Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program is currently seeking full accreditation with the American Psychological Association (APA).  Get in touch with Wendy Assal to learn more.