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additional program requirements

Clinical Competency Evaluation (CCE) Requirements
The Clinical Competency Examination (CCE) is a series of competency-based tasks required for PsyD students in which students demonstrate to the faculty a mastery of major clinical assessment and therapy skills. The purpose of this evaluation is to monitor the student’s growth and development of clinical competence in accordance with the standards of the profession and to ensure student acquisition of appropriate skill levels for subsequent internship training and clinical practice.

Comprehensive Examination Requirements
Students in the PsyD in Clinical Psychology degree program are required to successfully complete a Comprehensive Examination to demonstrate that they have mastered the fundamental theories and concepts required of a clinical psychologist. The Comprehensive Examination covers material from required courses and training activities during the first three years of study in the Clinical Psychology Program.

Clinical Research Project Requirements
The Clinical Psychology program requires each PsyD student to develop a Clinical Research Project (CRP) as requirement for graduation. The CRP is intended to be a scholarly work that provides students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and thought about a particular clinical area; to demonstrate the ability to analyze methodological issues; and to produce an original piece of scholarly work in the field of clinical psychology. Assisting the student in this process is a committee of faculty members who will review the material and make recommendations and suggestions.

Graduation Requirements

Students who are admitted into the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology degree program will be responsible for completing the program requirements that are in effect at the time of their admission. The school retains the right to modify these requirements in accordance with the demands of the profession of psychology. To be eligible for graduation, students must meet the following requirements.

  • The satisfactory completion of 98 semester credit hours. The total credit hours must include: 
    • 69 credit hours of core courses
    • 2 credit hours of Professionalization Group
    • 12 credit hours (two years) of practicum and practicum seminar groups
    • A minimum of 9 credit hours of general electives
    • 6 credit hours of Clinical Research Project
  • Successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination no later than the beginning of the fifth year 
  • Successful completion of all sections of the Clinical Competency Evaluation (CCE)
  • Successful completion of a 2,000-hour internship, in not less than 12 and not more than 24 months
  • GPA of at least 3.00 (B average)
  • Completion of these requirements within seven years of matriculation into the program
  • A completed Petition to Graduate approved by program administration and submitted to Augsburg’s registrar.
  • The Clinical Research Project is approved by all committee members as final, and submitted and accepted into IDUN. 

All courses other than electives are considered core courses. Students are required to retake a core course if they receive a grade below “B-.” and a course cannot be used as a prerequisite for another course if the student received a grade below B-. The course must be retaken no later than the end of the next calendar year with an earned grade of “B-” or better.

The date of graduation listed on your transcript will be the university’s set conferral date following either (1) completion of internship, or (2) completion of the Clinical Research Project, whichever is later.