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I chose Augsburg for the genuine support that I received from their staff provided during my application process.  Professors have a high expectation for students to perform at a level that higher education demands. At the same time, I feel that professors are equally vested in working with students on their professional development. Student advisors, teacher’s assistants, and writing mentors are also readily available and easily accessible to students during the program.  The step-by-step guidance through the assessment practicum placement process is the most noteworthy contribution Augsburg’s administration has made to my professional advancement in my experience. Although I can name many more beneficial influences from Augsburg on my professional development, gaining practicum placement is a stressful and uncertain requirement for most psychology students. The Augsburg faculty made it their prerogative to academically and logistically prepare their students, and as a result, I matched with the practicum site almost effortlessly.  I cannot speak on what other programs offer on an intimate level but, one of the factors that I found most special about Augsburg is their commitment to addressing the need for diversity and equitable treatment for students of marginalized identity groups.  Choose Augsburg if you aspire to join a program that has a variety of professional outcomes for a clinical psychologist with an emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusion.

~Ismail Abraham, 2026

Applying to Augsburg started as chance, but it was a great choice for me.  The faculty are very kind and supportive. They are willing to work with you and I am so grateful for that.  The emphasis on clinical competency makes this program stand out, and this program is dedicated to preparing you to be a clinician which is amazing.

~Holly Blades, 2026



I chose Augsburg University because it provides me the opportunity to achieve my goal as a clinical psychologist. It has always been a dream of mine to make a difference in the lives of others, and Augsburg University has exactly what I need to do so.  My experience with faculty is, hands-down, absolutely amazing. They listen to what I have to say, and will assist me in any way possible for me to achieve my goals. The faculty at Augsburg University place your success as their top priority. You are never forgotten. They occasionally reach out to me if they have not heard from me, asking if there is anything they can do to help me.  My program in clinical psychology provides advancement in a plethora of ways, whether that be through classroom discussions, practicums, internships, research projects, etc. Faculty and other students are amazing at holding me accountable in order to help me succeed.  Being a gay man, Augsburg University was one of the universities that welcomed and accepted me with open arms. I felt heard throughout the application and interview process, which is always something to notice while applying to programs. Augsburg is special because they love, accept, and support the whole individual, which helped me make my decision to accept my admission to the university. My program in clinical psychology stands out from the rest because it is inclusive, diverse, and experience-driven.  I would tell a prospective student to choose Augsburg University because we are welcoming and supportive. Faculty put our success above all else, and will aid in any way they can. I believe that my fellow classmates can attest to that as well. You will be heard, seen, and loved for being yourself here at Augsburg University.  Augsburg University is THE place to be!!

~Evan Bloyer, 2027

I chose Augsburg because of the community between students and professors. I am motivated to be the best clinician I can be and Augsburg’s PsyD program and generalist clinician model has been boon to my development as a clinician.  The faculty here has been more supportive than I have ever had! They have been personable and professional and have helped me grow professionally and personally.  Augsburg has maintained a focus on clinical work throughout the program, further the research and consultation opportunities have been great! I can definitely say I am a better provider now than I was a year ago, and I expect I will continue to grow every year.  Augsburg is a lovely in-person program with a close-knit group of students and professors, I think distinct from other programs I have attended or interviewed, they have been more transparent, more communal, and with more of a developmental focus rather than simply focusing on learning the basics. I think Augsburg stands out from the crowd with its emphasis on culturally aware approaches in the clinical process.  I would say that if you wanted to be a psychologist, you should come here. If you want to learn how to integrate culture, therapy, assessment, and your personal development into your practice then you should come to this program. I really can’t think of a better or more well rounded place!  I have been surprised at how much the program has resonated, and I am usually slow to warm up! But the feel of the program makes the connection.

~Izaak Davison-Kerwood, 2026

Augsburg offers the only PsyD in Clinical Psychology in the state of Minnesota, so I knew it was the perfect fit for me.  The faculty in the PsyD clinical psychology program are top notch! They are experienced practitioners, intelligent scholars, and supportive mentors. I personally have been strengthened by their personal, professional, and clinical feedback and credit much of my success to their investment.  The program curriculum and the instructors have more than adequately prepared me for internship. I feel competent among peers that have been trained across the country.  This program emphasizes a practitioner scholar model with deep understanding of clinical components of this field.  Augsburg staff is focused on the student’s success and they take into consideration the student as an individual within the program and accommodate personal needs as best they can. The knowledge provided throughout coursework and training opportunities presented are arguably the best in the state. Our training department does a fantastic job advocating for great practicum experiences that fit the training goals of the student.  Augsburg is committed to developing strong mental health practitioners and they do this through a developmental approach to training with supportive, positive, but constructive feedback.

~Samantha Delos Santos, 2022

I chose Augsburg because of the commitment to diversity and community support that the school offers. Augsburg has always made me feel welcomed and valued as a student, between compassionate staff and faculty, as well as ample resources to use in my work here.  The faculty have been warm and welcoming in any request for help. They recognize my individual needs as a student and are willing to problem-solve with me to find the most efficient solution. I feel that my thoughts are taken seriously into consideration by the faculty and I feel heard as a student.  The program’s practitioner-scholar model has provided ample opportunity for me to receive feedback and improve in various areas of my clinical work. I see that the goal of the faculty and program is to ensure I reach my highest potential as a clinician and serve clients to meet their needs.  This program is the only program of its kind in the state of Minnesota, which makes it unique, to begin with. Augsburg’s values of diversity, and social justice add depth to the program and the way we are trained as clinicians. It’s important that we are proficient consumers of research and critical thinkers, as this enhances our practice with clients. Augsburg’s PsyD program does a great job of preparing us to be leaders in the field.  Augsburg has incredible resources available to students, not only in academia but in other areas such as healthcare services, social support, and provides a sense of community. Students and faculty here have similar visions of contributing to society with a sense of purpose, intention, and justice.

~Anna Edwards, 2027

Augsburg is truly unique in the helpful attention that all the faculty and staff offer to every doctoral student. I am provided with honest feedback from my faculty and colleagues that challenges me to stretch and grow both professionally and personally. Pursing my clinical doctoral degree at Augsburg was because of the constant encouragement to help me grow as a future psychologist.

~Lisa Hady, 2023

Augsburg University and the PsyD program in Clinical Psychology are a second home for me. The faculty are like my family and I do not know where I would be without their continued dedication and support.

-Ashley Hawkins, 2024


The Augsburg Psy.D. Program has very talented and experienced faculty who expend great time and effort assisting students to succeed. The faculty are readily available either by zoom or in person. I am an older student and I am grateful for the consideration the faculty has shown me.  The Psy.D. Program is unique because a welcoming and supportive faculty create an ideal learning environment for students from around the world to work together, each on a path towards a future as a clinical psychologist.  You cannot go wrong with the Augsburg Psy.D. Program. The faculty, students, quality and culture of the program make it an ideal choice.  I chose Augsburg for my Psy.D. because of the talented faculty, diverse student population, and location in Minneapolis.

~Anne Aronson Johnson, 2027

I did my undergraduate program at Augsburg and I felt a sense of belonging in all of my courses, especially my psychology courses. My biggest appreciation is that the Augsburg president, Dr. Pribbenow, reaches out to the campus community when triggering events occur in the twin cities, letting us know that he is aware of the possible mental stress that the event might bring, and providing resources for those of us who needs extra support. Given my undergrad experience, I can say that Augsburg holds true to it’s mission of educating “students to be informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders.  Having completed my first semester, I am struck by the amount of support offered; especially since this is a doctoral level degree. All of the professors I have had so far truly want all of their students to become experts in the field. They also are interested in what we are interested in, and they try their best to connect us with helpful information. More specifically, in terms of how they support us in our studies, I recognized that in many classes, our assignments are split into sections; this is so that we can learn the material little by little, and tie it all together at the end which is a style that I appreciate.  What I really enjoy about my program is that the materials we learn is almost always integrated with other classes and current events. I find this to be a way for me to grow professionally, along with offering 1 assessment practicum, 1 therapy practicum, and an optional practicum of our choice (i.e., assessment or therapy).   Our program is the only Clinical Psychology PsyD program in the state of MN. This also means that we use a practitioner-scholar model for training and evaluation compared to a PhD program, which is more research focus. Our PsyD program combines relevant research, applied theory, and field experience and is designed to prepare the graduate to apply psychological knowledge in a variety of settings and roles. We have a heavier emphasis on assessments, but still offer therapy learning materials and include a therapy practicum. Lastly, but not least, our program assigns a writing mentor and an upperclassmen student mentor that to all first year students.  If you advocate for social justice and diversity, like to integrate your learning experiences, want to learn assessment AND therapy, want to be taught by professors who cares about YOUR learning experience, and want to be supported in your professional journey–this is the program for you.  Before I applied to this program, I attended 3 open-house meetings. I was extremely thoughtful in my decision. My biggest advice would be to join in on one (or more) of our classes, and have a feel for it yourself, not once, but a few times.

~Samantha Kong, 2026

The focus on multiculturalism and the amount of hands on experience we have available to us in this program is what initially attracted me to the program and made me really want to come here. However, the sense of family that I felt on my interview day and from the professors/administration before I accepted is what sealed the deal. It was obvious that the whole program wanted me to succeed no matter what, which was exactly the environment I wanted to be in. From my first conversation with the PsyD faculty, I have felt supported in all of my decisions in and out of the classroom. The professors are constantly asking us how we are doing and are genuinely interested in helping us when we need it. I feel like we are all part of one big psychology family! Each class we talk about how we can apply our knowledge to the field or we bring in case studies to work through. If I tried to count the number of times my professors said “When you’re all successful psychologists,” I would lose count.

Our program is all about hands-on experience, which is how I feel I learn best. While most of the programs I was looking at offered 1-2 practicum or internship opportunities, Augsburg was able to offer 3-4. There is no denying that this is a huge benefit to me as a future clinician but I also think it will help me in the classroom to be able to apply concepts I’m learning in class so readily. We offer opportunities that are unlike any other program. I know 5 years is a long commitment to make, but by the end of it you will have unmatched experiences and a new family to support you.

~Claire Larson, 2026

The faculty are a very understanding group. They were able to work with me through my personal struggles during my first year and were able to find a better fit for me as far as class schedules and accommodations. They saw that I was an asset to the program and made it known that they wanted me here no matter how that will look like. This made me feel understood and wanted here at this program.  The assessment courses are the best. They go in depth into each area of assessments and gave critical feedback to ensure that I am able to correct myself and make my assessment writing better and improved. The theories courses are very well put together and really emphasize what each theory stands for and how we can apply it to our work.  Augsburg embraces diversity and the program is the only clinical program that is good in MN. The professors are good at what they do, and they genuinely care about your success in the program.

~Hlee Lee, 2025

I chose this program to reach my goal of becoming a child psychologist. I feel supported, encouraged, embraced, and challenged by my professors. My mom received her PsyD from this program 20 years ago, and this program is still alive and thriving. I am grateful to have the support from my classmates, professors, family, and all of Augsburg.

~Zoe Milavetz, 2023


When Argosy closed down, Augsburg stepped up and took the PsyD program in.  The faculty in the PsyD program are great. They are all passionate about the subjects they teach, and they are very supportive of students both on an academic and personal level.  The PsyD program has provided me with lots of rich learning experiences related to assessment, therapy, professional development, and diversity training. During my practicum application process, my experiences have made me a competitive applicant, and I anticipate the same will hold true in my internships application process.  Augsburg’s commitment both to the practitioner-scholar model and to diversity help ensure that students can think critically and carefully about various aspects of the practice of psychology. It goes beyond theories and figures; we are challenged to consider the person and what works best for them.

~Jacob Pitchford, 2023

The clinical psychology program at Augsburg University is both challenging and rewarding. The professors all have extensive real-world experience that they bring to the classroom. I truly believe that this program is preparing me to become a competent and well-rounded psychologist.  The professors teaching the clinical psychology program at Augsburg make me feel like they are personally invested in who I will become as a psychologist.  Augsburg PsyD program has a small-town feeling where there is a real sense of community amongst students and faculty.

-Katie Rubedor-Green, 2023

I chose Augsburg due to the clinical aspect of its doctorate psychology program, in addition to its commitment to student learning and mentoring.  My overall experience with the Psy. D faculties have honestly been extraordinary. The faculties are always available to support either by email, zoom, or face to face at any time. They provide a therapeutic learning environment that is supportive and safe, which enables me to feel accepted and valued.  The program prepares me to advance my career and provides personal and professional growth opportunities through classroom discussion engagement. Additionally, it provides different learning opportunities, such as going through many practicum trainings.  Augsburg is unique because it encourages a supportive learning environment. The professors and faculties are always there to help with whatever you need. I do not feel alone or lost here.  Augsburg takes its program very seriously, and students actually get their money’s worth. The faculties are always available to help with whatever you need.

~Leton Sam-Viko, 2026

I chose Augsburg to [obtain] my degree because of the strong program and faculty support.  The faculty are beyond supportive in every aspect. They are flexible, understanding, available and challenge my growth. I would not be where or who I am today without these faculty.  The program and faculty ensured that I was prepared at each stage of my educational journey with classroom and practicum experiences. They have also provided individual goals and opportunities to ensure that I individually was prepared and confident as a student, person and future psychologist.  Augsburg has a long history of providing solid education and support to students.  I am extremely grateful for the education and faculty at Augsburg. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to complete my education here and would highly recommend this program to any future students.  “How much time do you have? Because I have a million reasons.” 🙂

-Darci Wikelius, 2022