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Love Life in the City

On-Campus Living

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The Benefits of Living On Campus

Living on campus offers convenience, fun, lasting memories, and a more fulfilling and productive college experience, allowing students to:

  • Live near classes, the cafeteria, library, bookstore, chapel, computer labs, friends, and University resources like student services and advisors
  • Form lasting relationships, engaging with a community of peers and people of diverse backgrounds
  • Skip commuting and having to deal with traffic and parking
  • Take advantage of the Twin Cities’ urban amenities such as the nearby light rail, Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, sporting events, music and theater scene, shopping, and nightlife
  • Feel safe and secure with Augsburg’s 24-hour, on-campus Department of Public Safety
  • More easily participate in student activities, clubs, sports, events, and organizations
  • Earn a higher grade point average (according to the American Council on Education)

A student-centered residential community

The mission of Augsburg University’s Department of Residence Life is to develop residents who are both students and neighbors in an urban collegiate setting while being grounded in liberal arts, intentional diversity, and faith. We are, we foster, we strive to be:


Responsible through activism, leadership, awareness, acceptance, and developing freedom with accountability through self-governance and community standards.


Resourceful by appreciating and utilizing our urban setting, being holistic, and open to cultivating our experience into knowledge.


Respectful by being inclusive, celebratory, self-aware, promoting social justice, and by honoring the dignity of others.

Purposeful learning and growth surrounding these principles occurs in our individual residents, our hall communities, and our residential environment at large through: observe(ing), cultivate(ing), identify(ing), and share(ing).