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On-Campus Living

Your Path. Your People. Your Place.

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Residence Life Vision

The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to the growth and development of its students in a holistic and meaningful way. We encourage students to be responsible, resourceful, and respectful in all that they do as members of the Augsburg University community.

It is our intention to provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable living experience for residential students that fosters an environment of intentionality, connection, care, authenticity, and belonging. We want students to learn, understand, and grow within the Augsburg residential community and beyond. We strive to do this in several ways:

Your Path.

College is a time of transition and growth and Residence Life wants to help support and guide students throughout their collegiate experience. We provide students with a variety of opportunities through programming and engagement that encourage them to make decisions and choices that are best for them and how they choose to engage within our community.

Your People.

We want to help students foster connections across campus with their faculty, staff, and peers.. We are all members of the Augsburg community and we want to be able to lean on each other as we strive to become the best versions of ourselves and share our gifts with one another. As a team focused department, we aim to help students find connections that help them develop holistically and grow in meaningful ways.

Your Place.

We strive to create an environment that allows students to be their authentic selves. We value each member of the Augsburg community for the unique perspectives and experiences they bring forth and want to do our best to help students realize how important they are in the fabric of our community. We want to make sure all voices feel heard and we are focused on perspective sharing, encouraging authenticity, and establishing a strong sense of belonging for each unique member of our community.

The Benefits of Living On Campus

Living on campus offers convenience, fun, lasting memories, and a more fulfilling and productive college experience, allowing students to:

  • Live near classes, the cafeteria, library, bookstore, chapel, computer labs, friends, and University resources like student services and advisors
  • Form lasting relationships, engaging with a community of peers and people of diverse backgrounds
  • Skip commuting and having to deal with traffic and parking
  • Take advantage of the Twin Cities’ urban amenities such as the nearby light rail, Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, sporting events, music and theater scene, shopping, and nightlife
  • Feel safe and secure with Augsburg’s 24-hour, on-campus Department of Public Safety
  • More easily participate in student activities, clubs, sports, events, and organizations
  • Earn a higher grade point average (according to the American Council on Education)

Guest Policy

Residential units may have 2 guests – 2 people who do not live in the unit. The guests may be friends from any residence hall. Guests do not include students who live off campus or family/friends. We want to open doors in the residence halls to students who are on campus everyday and may not be out in the community as much as family and friends who do not live here.

  • How the policy works
  • The guest policy allows for 2 guests in the residential unit, not 2 guests for each person living in the unit. For example, in a Mort 2 bedroom/4 person apartment, the 4 residents may invite a total of 2 people to visit them in the apartment. This does not mean that 2 of the residents have 2 guests in their bedroom and the other 2 residents have 2 guests in their bedroom. The policy allows for a total of 2 guests per residential unit.


  • Why only two guests per unit instead of two guests per person?
  • Transmission is occurring in small groups of people who relax and feel comfortable with each other which leads them to remove their mask/face covering. It is at those times when we have seen students transmit the virus. We want to turn the dial slowly and not risk community spread that could lead us to no guests.


  • What happens if the policy is violated?
  • Students who are suspected of violating this policy will be subject to the University’s Conduct Accountability Process. Students found responsible will face sanctions, including the possibility of losing the privilege to continue living on campus.
  • The policy is in place to protect the health and wellbeing of our students. Living on campus is an important decision students make and violating the guest policy puts that opportunity in jeopardy. Losing the privilege of living on campus is a significant sanction and one that I do not want you to lose. I encourage you to keep the sanctions in mind when making decisions about hosting or being a guest.