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Full-Time central TEAm


The Director of Residence Life provides vision, direction and leadership for planning and  implementing a comprehensive developmental and educational program within student residence communities  (undergraduate) that fulfills the Department of Residence Life mission statement. In doing so, the Director  provides management of student development and welfare in the residential community.

Assistant Director of residence life (AD)

The AD provides leadership within the Department of Residence Life with  overall community, program, management, facility, policy creation, and projects for the residential areas. The AD is responsible for the communities, staff teams, and resident populations on a year-round basis. By working  collaboratively with other Central Staff members, the individual provides overall leadership and  direction for Residence Life in the student living areas. The focus is upon area leadership for all components in  creating and maintaining quality residential communities. Working with numerous local and college offices and  agencies, the AD serves as a counselor, referral agent, advisor, case manager, and housing official to those in  residence.

Assistant director of residential operations (AD)

The Assistant Director of Residential Operations manages all house operations, administrative processes and systems. The Assistant Director of Residential Operations works in consultation and close partnership with the Director of Residence Life in implementing the Residence Life program and in maintaining the welfare of the residential community and the well-being of its individual members. The Assistant Director of Residential Operations also provides administrative management for Oren Gateway Center. This professional staff member also serves as primary liaison to the Dining Program.

Area coordinator (Ac)

ACs provide community and program development, administrative management,  and counseling for their respective communities. Along with their student staff, they enforce college policy and  the Department of Residence Life Guidebook. They facilitate and support student development for a residential  community of 100 to 400 undergraduate students. ACs also select, supervise, train and evaluate 5 to 15 student staff members. They participate in department and college committees and initiatives.

Student Leadership Positions


 A Lead serves as an integral member of the Department of Residence Life by fostering and developing a positive community, supporting the well-being of their residents, and enhancing the overall educational and developmental experience through engagement and programming. A LEAD serves as a resource on campus while assisting the professional staff member with community building, administration, and organizational efforts to ensure the success, development, and retention of students.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Residence Life student staff members at Augsburg College have many different roles. They are community builders, peer advisors, academic resource people, programmers, and administrators. RAs spend a significant amount of time getting to know residents as individuals and generating enthusiasm as they bring students together to create communities. RAs achieve this objective by aiding residents through implementing respectful, resourceful, and responsible activities, by fostering the growth of active student governance, by providing information about college resources, by informing residents about residence hall regulations, and facilitating the implementation of these regulations.