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Residence Life Handbook

The Residence Life Handbook aims to provide information and guidanceĀ on University policies pertaining to the rights, roles, and responsibilities that residential students have. Please click on the links below to view each specific section.



  1. Welcome to campus!
    • Welcome from the Director of Residence Life, Residence Life vision, and how to connect with Residence Life Staff

Residency Requirements

  1. Residency Requirements
    • What qualifies a student to live on campus

Standards of Conduct and Accountability Processes

Standards of Conduct

Filing a Report

Conduct Adjudication Process

Discrimination and Bias Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy

  1. Student Responsibilities
    • Responsibilities of students who live on campus
  2. Academic Suspensions and Dismissals
    • Steps regarding cancelling your contract if residential student is dismissed due to academics


  1. Alcohol and Drugs in the Residence Halls
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Firearm Policy
  4. Hall Sports
  5. Hazing Policy
  6. Building Usage and Access
  7. Health and Safety Room Inspections
  8. Responding to Structural Incidents in the Residence Halls
  9. Smoking/Clean Air Policy


  1. Accessibility
    • Information regarding Emotional Support Animals, Service Animals, and Furniture Accommodation needs

Common Areas

  1. Barbecue Grils
  2. Candidate Access Policy
  3. Courtesy and Quiet Hours
  4. Custodial Services
  5. Donation Box Policy
  6. Laundry
  7. Trash/Recycling/Composting
  8. Oren Gateway Center Housing and Allies
  9. Addressing Concerns
  10. Posting Policies
  11. Public Area Usage
  12. Cleanliness Policy
  13. Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Storage


  1. Room Condition Reports
  2. Approved Items Within the Residence Halls
  3. Prohibited Items in the Residence Halls
  4. Bedloft
  5. On-Campus Commercial Activity Policy
  6. Contests, Raffles, and Tournaments
  7. Decorating Rooms
  8. Furniture
  9. Guest Policy
  10. Lockouts and Lost Keys
  11. Personal Property
  12. Room Change Requests
  13. Room Entry
  14. Work Requests
  15. Collective Billing
  16. Break Periods