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A crowd of people peacefully protesting in a street. A sign laying on the ground says "Justice Long Delayed is Justice Denied."

Augsburg awarded $10,000 Minneapolis Foundation grant

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In September 2020, the Minneapolis Foundation announced that it would award more than $500,000 in grants to 40 organizations in the Twin Cities. Following the increased public dialogue about public safety after the killing of George Floyd, the grants aim to reduce violence, address systemic inequities, and provide community support.

The Minneapolis Foundation’s Fund for Safe Communities awarded $10,000 to Augsburg University to elevate the voices of middle- and high-school students through debate on the topic of criminal justice reform. Other grant recipients are organizations working to support art projects, mediation, mental health services, civil rights education, and community healing while addressing police violence and public safety.

Top image: Demonstrators in Summer 2020 marched with a banner that was created as a part of Augsburg’s One Day in May art campaign. (Photo by Leon Wang)

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