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Auggie Podcasts

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Rethinking Manhood Podcast cover“Rethinking Manhood” by Destyn Land ’19
Rethinking Manhood” brings men together to unlearn patriarchal masculinity and intentionally makes space for men to heal, grow, and learn in community.



“Stream of Life” co-hosted by Cassie Dong ’18
“Stream of Life” tells inspirational stories and offers insights about peace, conflict, and social justice. Hear from leaders, advocates, and scholars who have worked around the world to build sustainable, positive peace.


“Beyond Friends” co-hosted by Mai Xee Vang ’18, Pang Xiong ’17, and Sunny Thao ’19
A group of Augsburg friends started “Beyond Friends” to tell their stories, rooted in their refugee and immigrant backgrounds, and reflect on how these identities are currently helping them navigate adulthood.

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