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We love Augsburg

The Class of 2014 shares memories, stories, and takeaways from their time as students This spring, hundreds of new alumni celebrated their graduation at Augsburg College Commencement ceremonies. While these events often are treated as a conclusion—the grand finale at the

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2014 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

The 26th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum—an event that celebrates the importance, consequence, and controversy of the Nobel Peace Prize—was held March 1 and 7-9 in three Minneapolis locations, including Augsburg College. With “Crossing Boundaries to Create Common Ground” as

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The future of history

When professional historian Kirsten Delegard published her book in 2012—her first publication where she was the sole author—she sold 300 copies. “And that includes sales to my parents, in-laws, and large extended family,” she said. After nearly a decade of

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Finding meaning in work

The value of a college education is greater than it’s been in nearly 50 years. This is the key finding of a 2014 Pew Research Center study, which showed a wider earnings gap between college-educated and less educated people ages

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Homecoming 2013

Homecoming brings alumni, friends back to campus Homecoming 2013 reunited former classmates, friends, roommates, and professors, and invigorated the Auggie spirit in everyone in attendance. Traditional celebrations ensued, including the Homecoming Convocation with Distinguished Alumni Awards; the Taste of Augsburg event in Murphy Square

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In memoriam: Marie Olive McNeff

Lifelong teacher. Pilot. Regent. Dean of Academic Affairs. Mom. Entrepreneur. Cook. These are only a handful of words and titles that describe Marie Olive McNeff, a dedicated leader in the Augsburg College community for nearly 40 years, who passed away August 23 at

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‘What the whole world wants is a good job’*

*Source: Gallup World Poll, 2010 BY REBECCA JOHN ’13 MBA Today, higher education has come under question—is the debt worth it, are students graduating at sufficient rates, are we educating enough of our population, are students actually learning what they need?

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Augsburg 2019

A STRATEGIC VISION In January 2013, the Augsburg College Board of Regents launched a strategic planning initiative that involved conversation and input from across the campus community. The outcome of that work is a strategic vision statement that looks out to 2019, Augsburg’s sesquicentennial

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A promising experiment in organic chemistry: Mixing teamwork into the course load

Capitalizing on an opportunity to recreate Augsburg College’s advanced organic chemistry class, assistant professor of chemistry, Michael Wentzel, has developed a highly attractive approach to a complicated subject matter. He forces his students to work together. “Originally, I wanted to

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Hybrid learning

BY LAURA SWANSON For Lisa Benjamin ’06, ’12, the possibility of going back to school was appealing, but finding time to spend in a classroom was challenging. In 2010, Benjamin sought a license to teach in Minnesota and to sharpen

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