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From the Alumni Board president …

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Augsburg alumni boardThe 2009-2010 Alumni Board

(L to R) Bottom-row 1: Joyce Miller ’02, ’05 MAN; Daniel Hickle ’95, president; row 2: Nancy Nordlund ’91, ’07 MAL, secretary; Buffie Blesi ’90, ’97 MAL; John Stadler ’07 MAL, president-elect; row 3: Sharon Engelland ’87; Holly Ebnet-Knutson ’03, ’07 MBA; Misti Allen Binsfield ’93; row 4: Jennifer M. Carlson ’91; Chris Hallin ’88; Maggie Tatton ’01; row 5: Lee Anne Lack ’67; Michael Loney ’03. Not pictured: Rob Wagner ’02, treasurer; Calvin Hanson ’98; Julia Mensing ’00, ’07 MBA; Carolyn Spargo ’80.

July 2009 Greetings, alumni and friends,

I write this letter on a beautiful summer day, thinking about what the hundreds of graduates from the day undergraduate program, as well as the Augsburg for Adults undergraduate and graduate programs are doing now. Are you searching for employment, maybe traveling, or perhaps lucky enough to be working in a great job? Graduates, I hope that as you embark on your career path, you always remember your vocational calling.

The Latin root of the word vocation means voice. In the words of Parker Palmer, vocation should be looked at not as “a goal to be achieved, but as a gift to be received.” You received this gift through your educational experience at Augsburg.

Today you may not fully comprehend the true value of your education, but as your life unfolds, the true meaning of vocation will be revealed. So my advice to you is always to seek opportunities that develop, explore new ways of being, appreciate differences in others, develop connections, engage in meaningful work within your community, and find new ways of knowing to promote a purposeful life. Most of all, continue to be a lifelong learner.

With the close of the school year in June, my tenure as your president also came to an end. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent the alumni and have confirmed my belief about the College’s commitment to promise an education like no other. I turn this column over to a new leader, Daniel Hickle, who will represent you next year.

Good luck to you all and take care,



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