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Student wearing a mask is holding a sign that says "Auggies Helping Auggies" on the front steps of Old Main.

Give to the Max Day recap and sustaining Augsburg’s future

Thank you for supporting Augsburg during Give to the Max Day!

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Graphic that reads $531,704 New Records!Graphic that reads 1,898 Total Donors!

Graphic that shows the United States and says 41 States.This November, Augsburg had a record-breaking Give to the Max Day in terms of donor participation and dollars raised. Here are the highlights:

• $531,704 was raised across 41 projects, setting a new record.

• 1,898 total donors gave, the most we’ve ever seen.

• Gifts came from 41 states.

• 56% of our 41 projects (23 projects) were fully funded, and many others were very close to fully funded.Pie Chart showing 56% Fully Funded Projects

• One couple gave to 17 projects.

This day continues to energize our students, faculty, and staff every year, and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next year. Watch this video from our students who would like to say a quick thank you.

Make a difference all year round

Each year, 20% of the annual gifts to the Augsburg Fund come during Give to the Max Day. But giving to the Augsburg Fund matters all year round: We use these dollars to make a difference for Auggies right away through scholarships, instruction and academic support, student programs, and other areas of the largest funding needs at Augsburg.

Gifts to the Augsburg Fund touch the life of every student, faculty member, and staff member. More than 1,000 donors contribute to the fund each year, and you can join them.

Students in the quad working at a round table

Giving creates a ripple effect for the future of Augsburg

When a water droplet hits the surface of a pond, it causes a ripple much larger than the original drop. This is how your gift affects Augsburg.

Glass water droplet sculptures, created by Rhode Island artists, represent the expanding effect that donors provide for the Augsburg community. Learn more about these water droplets and how endowed scholarships propel Augsburg’s work into the future.

Donor couple holding their droplet sculptures

Lisa Smith and Dave Smith (Courtesy photo)

Donor holding her droplet sculpture

Sharon Mortrud ’64 (Courtesy photo)

Donors holding their droplet sculpture

Dennis Meyer ’78 and Bev ’78 Meyer (Courtesy photo)

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