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Professor Emeritus Mark Engebretson receives 30th NSF grant, continues space weather study

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Head shot of Mark Engebretson
Professor Emeritus Mark Engebretson (Photo by Stephen Geffre)

Mark Engebretson, Augsburg University professor emeritus of physics, received a five-year grant totaling $805,744 from the National Science Foundation (Award Number 2013648).

This grant supports the continued operation and data analysis of the Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies, which is used to study near-Earth space weather, such as solar winds that may disrupt communication and navigation systems. It represents the 30th research study on which Engebretson has served as the principal investigator through NSF funding.

Engebretson has led several research projects—including some with Augsburg student-researchers—studying ionospheric and space physics in collaboration with European and NASA satellite programs. Nearly 100 Augsburg students have gained paid research experience working on these research projects.

Engebretson has authored or coauthored more than 300 scholarly research articles on topics related to space weather.

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