Mark J Engebretson

Professor Emeritus

CB 46

Since coming to Augsburg in 1976, Mark’s research grants from NASA and NSF (the National Science Foundation) have supported over 40 undergraduate research students during summers and part-time during the academic year. Many of his research stdents have presented the results of their research at national scientific meetings, and several have been authors or co-authors of papers in major scientific journals. Most of these students have continued their studies in graduate or professional schools, nearly all with assistantship or fellowship support.

Mark is active in several research projects studying ionospheric and space physics from ground-based observatories at high latitudes, and cooperates in several European and NASA satellite programs. He is currently Principal Investigator for an array of 4 magnetic observatories in Arctic Canada, Principal Investigator for two arrays of magnetometers in Antarctica, one involving cooperation with the British Antarctic Survey (Cambridge, England), and he is a Co-Investigator in a large U.S.-Japanese project deploying multiple instruments at six sites in Antarctica.

Although his current research focuses on using observations of ultra-low-frequency waves to study Earth’s space environment, his research background includes mass spectrometry, surface science, high vacuum technology, computerized data acquisition, and computer graphics. Mark is also Director of Augsburg’s Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences.

At Augsburg, Mark has developed courses in “Science and Ethics,” “Physics, Computers, and Society,” and “Issues in Science and Religion.” He continues to develop laboratory modules for courses at all levels using elecronics and computer-based instrumentation.


  • B.A. 1968 Luther College
  • M.Div. 1972 Luther Theological Seminary
  • M.S. 1975, Ph.D 1976 University of Minnesota

Special Interests

  • Space Physics
  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Science and Society