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Honored for distinguished teaching and learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning annually recognizes exemplary work by faculty and staff in support of teaching and learning at Augsburg College. Awards are based on evidence of student… more >

Teaching, the liberal arts, and paying attention

Teaching, the liberal arts, and paying attention

I had a revelation a few years ago about liberal arts education while listening to a presentation by a religion professor at a small liberal arts college. He described his… more >

Generosity and sustainability

Generosity and sustainability

By Paul C. Pribbenow This issue of the Augsburg Now offers many inspiring stories of ways in which our community is learning about and practicing what it means to live… more >

A note to the editor

By Larry Green ’70 “I found the ‘Lights, camera, and action’ feature in the fall 2008 Augsburg Now very interesting. This photograph was taken in the Augsburg Art Studio… more >

Brian Krohn—Augsburg’s first Rhodes Scholar

Brian Krohn ’08 arrived at Augsburg with plans of being a film major and eventually became a chemistry student. In November he was selected as a Rhodes Scholar—Augsburg’s… more >

Augsburg receives Carnegie classification

All first-year students spend an afternoon during September Auggie Days working on community projects—painting, gardening, cleaning up, or whatever needs doing in the neighborhood with Augsburg’s community… more >

It’s Augsburg Calling … Mai Yer Vang ’11

Mai Yer Vang was born in Thailand and moved with her family to the U.S. in 1994. When she was in high school, Vang was introduced to Augsburg on… more >