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Exploring Our Gifts — looking back over 8 years

In 2002 Augsburg received a $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment to integrate a theological understanding of vocation into the life of the College over a five-year period. In 2007 the grant was renewed for $1 million to cover

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StepUP® parents are grateful for support to students and families

When Maureen and Harold Thompson realized their daughter Anne was not going to graduate from high school with her friends, they were devastated but not surprised. They knew that something was wrong and that their daughter needed help. Anne went

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My Auggie experience

By all accounts—his own included—sophomore Gottlieb Uahengo ’13 had a difficult first semester at Augsburg College. Making the move to Minneapolis from his home in Namibia meant many changes. He missed his family and friends and got sick five times

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Center for Leadership Studies deepen Augsburg’s ties in Norway

Just as summer began blossoming in southern Norway, 28 Augsburg faculty members, students, alumni, and friends of the College immersed themselves for 10 days of study and cultural touring in this country so closely tied to Augsburg’s historic identity. The

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Environmental Literature Challenges

Excerpt from syllabus by Colin Irvine for ENL 270 Challenges: During the term, you will be invited to participate in a number of challenges designed to encourage and, perhaps, enable you to think more deeply about the materials we are

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Making connections

BY WENDI WHEELER ’06 In theatre, as in life, finding success is often about who you know. But knowing the right people isn’t enough. In order to build the foundation for a thriving career in theatre, students need to form

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Nine years on the mats

By Jeff Shelman It was spring 2007 and Mark Matzek ’05 couldn’t sleep. He was 25 years old, had just finished his first full year of teaching mathematics at Apple Valley High School, and suddenly was faced with a significant

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Learning from the environment

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 College students who take a literature course expect to do a lot of reading. But few who register for a course titled “Environmental Literature” would imagine being asked to go camping, wear the same clothing for

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10 Reasons to come back to campus

By Jeff Shelman So try to jog your memory bank and answer this question: Just when was the last time you were on the Augsburg campus? And we’re talking about really being on campus. You know, park the car, get

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A step in the right direction

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 Note—In order to be respectful of the students in the StepUP program, their last names are not used. Going to college was never a part of Emily A.’s future plans. She dropped out of high school

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