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Studying abroad at Augsburg is an investment in your future. Learning and living in another country are catalysts for the development of academic, intercultural and personal leadership skills critical to the exercising of responsible global citizenship.

A term abroad is roughly comparable to Augsburg tuition, room and board here in Minneapolis. Financial aid can apply to your study abroad experience, whether it’s a full-year, a semester, or a short-term program. There are also a number of additional scholarship resources available – stop by our office for more details.

Augsburg programs provide a world of opportunity – we offer or support over 300 programs in 90 countries, from 8 days to a full year abroad. Augsburg Abroad staff can help you find the program that best meets your academic goals while keeping you on track to graduation.

Augsburg alumni report that their study abroad experience was by far the most exciting and rewarding part of their college experience. You will not only enrich your education and expand your understanding of other cultures, but also develop a new sense of yourself and the place of your country in the world. Your confidence, independence and self-awareness soar. Living in a new cultural environment can teach you things about yourself that you never expected.

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Plan your study abroad/away experience this summer!

Weren’t able to find time this year to figure out a study abroad/away program? Staff are in the office all summer and glad to to info sessions or 1-on-1 meetings to help you find a great program!

Use the slower pace of summer to find the program that’s right for you – and start the fall with your program set to go and stress-free!

Contact Andrea at to make a summer appointment!