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Student Ambassador Post: First Weeks in Mexico

This is a guest blog post from our student social media ambassador, Lorpu. Currently studying abroad on the semester program, “Communication and Media Studies: Migration & Social Change in Mexico”. Casa Augsburg in Cuernavaca is our longest-running global location, since 1982!

These past three weeks of study abroad have been amazing. We have learned a lot about Mexican culture and history since we have been here. Continue reading “Student Ambassador Post: First Weeks in Mexico”

Student Ambassador Post: First Weeks in Guatemala

This is a guest blog post from our student social media ambassador, Jaida. Currently studying abroad on the semester program, “New Activisms, Human Rights and Social Justice” that travels to Guatemala and Costa Rica. This semester the itinerary also includes a visit to Chiapas, Mexico. 

Greetings everyone! I’m Jaida, currently in Panajachel, Guatemala, in my third week with the Central America program. Our time here has been filled with numerous educational experiences and enlightening talks, but one particular speaker truly left a lasting impression on me. This week, we journeyed to San Antonio, a quaint town nestled on the shores of Lake Atitlan, to visit Jabel Tinamit, a school dedicated to preserving and promoting Guatemala’s diverse indigenous cultures. Our day included visits to a textile factory, a chocolate factory, a ceramic workshop, a beautiful church, and even a fishery. Continue reading “Student Ambassador Post: First Weeks in Guatemala”

Youth Marginalization in Southern Africa

This is an event for all Augsburg University faculty, staff, and students, with CGEE’s Global Faculty member from Namibia, Pinias Kashedi.

The Augsburg community is invited to join CGEE in welcoming Pinias Kashedi, Global Faculty from Namibia, on campus! He will be hosting a talk about the marginalization of youth in Southern Africa, titled, “Education Capture and Youth Marginalization in Namibia.” A brief description is below: Continue reading “Youth Marginalization in Southern Africa”

Student in Namibia Starts Reusable Diaper Drive for Local Mothers & Families

During the spring 2023 semester, Ella Fontaine (Clark University, ‘25) was placed in an internship with HISA – Hope Initiative of Southern Africa- through her study abroad program in Namibia. HISA’s mission is “the empowerment of children and communities through the use of education, food and nourishment, and capacity building. HISA aims to break the cycle of poverty and build resilience.” In Windhoek, they have a preschool for children, skills classes for adults, and many more programs to support the local community.  Continue reading “Student in Namibia Starts Reusable Diaper Drive for Local Mothers & Families”

Augsburg CGEE Students Meet Bill Clinton in Northern Ireland

In April 2023, Northern Ireland celebrates 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement that brought an end to the time period known as The Troubles.

This event has coincided with Augsburg CGEE’s launch of our newest semester program out of the city Derry-Londonderry, titled “Peace, Conflict and Transition in Northern Ireland.” On this program, our students learn about the history and cultural context that led to the Troubles as well as the peacemaking process. With all of the excitement, our two students on the inaugural program were able to attend the Hume Foundation’s Event “Making Hope and History Rhyme” and meet Bill Clinton and shake his hand. The following post is written by Daisy Vinkemeier (Augsburg ’26). Thanks to Daisy for the reflections and the photos! Continue reading “Augsburg CGEE Students Meet Bill Clinton in Northern Ireland”

Student Reflection on Dr. Jill Biden’s Visit to Namibia

Last week the First Lady of the United States of America visited Namibia. Two students, Taylor Gwynne from Oberlin College, and Ella Fontaine from Clark University, had the honor to personally meet Dr Jill Biden, while studying abroad on the Augsburg CGEE Program: Decolonizing the Mind: Racial and Environmental Justice.

Dr Jill Biden and the United States Embassy in Namibia hosted a life changing event on Youth Empowerment and Democracy in Namibia. Such powerful women including Namibia’s own First Lady, honorable Monica Geingos. The event was hosted by our students’ internship organization, Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID) and Dr Biden paid a visit to one of our students internship organization, Hope Initiatives of Southern Africa (HISA).

Ella Fontaine has graciously agreed to share her reflections after the visit and listening to Dr. Biden’s speech. Thank you, Ella, for your thoughtful reflections and words! Read below for more (photos courtesy of our Resident Assistant in Namibia, Wilikka Absalom): Continue reading “Student Reflection on Dr. Jill Biden’s Visit to Namibia”

A Snapshot of Life in the City of Windhoek

The following are excerpts and photos from the student blog “Living in Windhoek Through the Lens of History, Politics, International Development, and Religion By: Jack DeFraites, Tulane University ’24”. Jack studied abroad with us on the program, “Decolonizing the Mind: Racial and Environmental Justice” in fall of 2022. Shared with permission from Jack. Continue reading “A Snapshot of Life in the City of Windhoek”

Hiring Fellow for Academic Year 2023/24 in Mexico

Are you looking to work abroad? CGEE is hiring in Cuernavaca! We are looking for our next International Resident Assistant (Fellow) for August 2023 through August 2024 (with the possibility of an extension). Applications are due April 15, 2023, and review will begin after that date.

The purpose of this one-year stipend fellowship is to promote a healthy living/learning environment for semester students and participants in short-term educational seminars at Augsburg CGEE in Mexico. In addition, the primary responsibilities of the fellow are to assist study abroad students (mostly coming from the U.S.A.) with medical and emotional issues and to help them develop intercultural and global competencies, as well as to assist in the operation of all educational programs. The IRA will also be expected to help produce social media that can help promote these programs.

Length and dates of this stipend fellowship position: August 15, 2023 – August 31, 2024. Strong knowledge of both Spanish and English is required.

Continue reading “Hiring Fellow for Academic Year 2023/24 in Mexico”