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Finding Home: One Auggie’s Global Story

“Finding Home” by Eve Elizabeth Taft, Augsburg ’18

This is a guest blog post by Augsburg alum Eve, who writes about her global journey to Ireland. 

I ended up in Ireland because of Ernest Hemingway.

Let me backtrack a little. I’m writing this post from my partner’s family home in County Tipperary, supervised by his dog, Poppy. Ashley’s a Tipp man, born and raised, and I live (when I’m not out here) in the attic of house that once belonged to the playwright Kate O’Brien. I think my room used to be the servants’ quarters. I work running phones for a dental practice by day and copyedit, run a horror-themed column, and publish my own work by night. Continue reading “Finding Home: One Auggie’s Global Story”

Now Hiring: Guatemala Program Director

Guatemala Program Director

Augsburg University’s Center for Global Education and Experience (Augsburg CGEE) invites applications for a Guatemala Program Director, with a proposed start date in early August 2021.  This position is located in Guatemala.    

ABOUT AUGSBURG CGEE: Augsburg CGEE delivers high-impact, experiential, social justice-oriented global learning experiences for universities, high schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, churches, and others.  Augsburg CGEE’s pedagogy is influenced by popular education, as well as other critical, experiential, feminist, Indigenous, and decolonial pedagogies that foment transformation.  The goal of all of our global learning programs is to amplify the voices of marginalized people, and to empower learners to work for personal and social transformation.

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: The Guatemala Program Director ensures the delivery of a variety of high-quality, safe educational programs and services in Guatemala, especially with Indigenous communities in Guatemala, in order to meet the University’s core goal of “engaging as an anchor institution at Augsburg sites around the world” so that learners “will live and work as citizens dedicated to a better world.” This position requires a person with a background to teach university-level courses and to maintain strong connections with a diverse array of local communities, civil society organizations, government entities, individuals, etc. that serve as resources for different educational programs for diverse participants. The Guatemala Program Director must have demonstrated commitments to social justice pedagogies, experiential education, and intercultural learning. 


  • EDUCATIONAL: Respond to needs for educational programming in Guatemala, be it in the form of semester programs, custom programs, or virtual courses or encounters, in accordance with Augsburg CGEE pedagogy and best practices.  This includes facilitating students’ intercultural learning, leading group reflections, and designing and leading exercises that integrate theory and practice.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE: Work in collaboration with relevant counterparts at Augsburg CGEE, ensuring the financial sustainability of operations in Guatemala through appropriate budget management and involvement in student/participant marketing and recruitment efforts.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Oversee risk management (health and safety protocols) for all programming, service providers (lodging and transportation), and visits in Guatemala, including educating students/participants about health and safety practices while in Guatemala and ensuring emergency on-call support.
  • COMMUNITY RELATIONS:  Develop and maintain reciprocal partnerships with local communities, civil society organizations, government entities, and individuals throughout Guatemala to support community and programming needs.  Help bridge cultural differences and similarities between host communities and visiting groups.  


  • Master’s degree in relevant field required. Doctorate a plus.
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience
  • Experience teaching at the university level preferred–experience teaching in study abroad programs a plus.
  • Comfort and ability to work in a “non-traditional” work environment which often includes working long hours and on weekends,  and facilitating groups in multiple locations throughout Guatemala. 
  • Ability to translate and interpret between English and Spanish is required. Ability to translate and interpret between English and one or more Mayan languages preferred.
  • Practical and theoretical background in experiential education, social justice-oriented pedagogies, and/or intercultural learning.
  • Attentiveness to group dynamics and ability to navigate differences involving race, gender, class, and culture.
  • Work effectively and collaboratively in a diverse work environment.
  • Work effectively in a team environment and work independently with little supervision.
  • Reason/analyze, maintain confidentiality, and demonstrate patience, understanding.
  • Show initiative, organize workflow,  simultaneously manage tasks related to multiple educational programs, and handle frequent interruptions.
  • Attention to detail, accuracy, and precision. 


  • Annual salary: $35,000-37,000 USD
  • Benefits: This position receives a generous benefits package which includes: paid holidays, vacation and sick time, life insurance, health insurance stipend, and employee and dependent tuition remission.


New Program Brings Together CGEE Southern Africa & the Pan-Afrikan Center

The Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) is excited to introduce a brand-new two-week summer program for Augsburg students, created in collaboration with Augsburg’s Pan-Afrikan Center. The pilot program, Anti-Apartheid and Black Lives Matter: Global Movements for Racial Justice, will run May 17 – 28, 2021.

Global Movements for Racial Justice was created in response to the racially motivated murder of George Floyd in our home city of Minneapolis. With much of CGEE’s work typically focusing on global settings, it became clear in the summer of 2020 that we should use our pedagogy and unique programming style to shed light on the inequities and injustices within our own backyard and in communities across the United States. Continue reading “New Program Brings Together CGEE Southern Africa & the Pan-Afrikan Center”

World Wednesdays Spring 2021

During spring 2021 semester, the study abroad/away office will host weekly “World Wednesdays” live on zoom to answer your questions about study abroad/away for the future. Each Wednesday, we will do a deep dive into a specific topic with guest speakers, experts, and various program representatives, along with time for Q & A from the audience. Recordings will be posted here after the live event concludes. 


SCHEDULE & ZOOM LINKS (check back regularly for updates):
Continue reading “World Wednesdays Spring 2021”

International Education Week 2020

November 16-20 is International Education Week (IEW)!

What is IEW?

IEW is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Augsburg University, the Center for Global Education and Experience, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and the International Student Organization (ISO) will be celebrating the week with multiple activities and events! 

Keep an eye out in the daily A-mail for events, as well as ISO’s Instagram account: @iso_auggie and the study abroad office Instagram account: @global_auggies Continue reading “International Education Week 2020”

CGEE Pedagogy

CGEE is inspired by Paulo Freire’s philosophy of popular education, as well as other critical, experiential, feminist, indigenous, and postcolonial pedagogies that foment transformation.  The goal of all of our educational programs is the empowerment of the participants to work for personal and social transformation.

CGEE’s Five Pillars of Education


CGEE draws upon the diverse backgrounds of participants, students, faculty, staff, and our domestic and international community members as the basis of an intercultural experience.  This experience is enhanced by facilitated reflection which analyzes cultural traditions, values and ways of interpreting the world, whereby participants look at the complexities of diverse cultures and deepen their own cultural self-awareness.


Our experiential programming combines a variety of activities such as story-telling, dialogue with host families and a range of community members, small group work, excursions, lectures, internships, films, and the use of music and the arts with other hands-on experiences.  As necessary catalysts for learning, critical analysis and reflection of the experiences are central to our programs and facilitation. Participants are asked to reflect upon both new experiences as well as prior knowledge in a global context.


CGEE is committed to both intellectual and emotional learning. We encourage people to reflect upon how they learn best and to grow outside of their comfort zone. Our programs are developed with different learning styles in mind.


CGEE encourages participants to analyze multiple perspectives and to develop their own viewpoints. Our experiential interactions, combined with background reading and research to determine the validity of information, provide the basis for critical analysis of multiple sides of an issue.


CGEE believes that the purpose of education is to create a more just and sustainable world. Our goal is for learners to engage both in their own transformation and to act to bring about the changes they envision for our world. Transformative education leads to greater personal and social responsibility.

Memories of Namibia and South Africa

This reflection was sent to us by Maria Marzullo, a student from Valparaiso University that went on CGEE’s spring 2020 semester program to Namibia and South Africa. Thank you, Maria, for the wonderful reflection and photos you have shared with us!

Memories with CGEE in Namibia & South Africa

I knew I wanted to study abroad since before I even applied to college. I knew I wanted to travel to a place most of my peers would not. I wanted to be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. While in Namibia and South Africa, I met some of the greatest people and had experiences I will never forget.  Continue reading “Memories of Namibia and South Africa”