Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services helps students find resources to fund their college career. No matter what stage a student is in, we are here to help.

Schedule an Appointment

We offer a variety of ways for students to get a hold of one of our counseling staff. You can email us at, call us at 612-330-1046 or stop in during our walk up window hours.  We have a Student Financial Services counselor on-call for walk up appointments Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m – 4:30 pm

How do I view tuition charges and payments/financial aid that has been credited to my student account?

To view your tuition charges and payments, log into Augnet Records and Registration with your Augsburg username and password. On the left menu, select “Make a Payment/Account Activity.” Under “Your Bills” will be a list of all the charges and credits on your student account.

What do I need to turn in to be awarded financial aid?

That depends on the type of program you are enrolled in. To view what forms and applications you need to submit to our office, see the Apply for Financial Aid on the menu at the right.

On my bill, it shows I have a balance with a negative sign next to it? Does this mean I have a credit or a balance due?

A negative sign next to an amount indicates a credit amount and no balance is due at this time.

How do I view my financial aid package?

To view your financial aid package, log into Augnet Records and Registration with your Augsburg username and password. On the left menu, select “Track Your Financial Aid.”


What happened to my FAFSA PIN?  What is a FSA ID?

New, this year, students will no longer be able to access their student aid information with their PIN number. The Department of Education has opted in to using a FSA ID in order to be more secure. You can read more about the FSA ID at You can create your FSA ID online at Please make sure you carefully read the instructions and remember your security questions, answers, and important date. Contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) if you have questions about setting this up.

My son/daughter received an e-mail about their bill.  As a parent, can I receive these e-mails?

Students can give access to “third party” including parents/guardians.  With this access a parent will receive statement e-mails, view statements online, make payments online, sign up for a payment plan, and receive 1098-T notification in January.

    1. Have your student log into Augnet. Click on “Records and Registration” and select “Make a Payment/Account Activity”.
    2. Under the Guest Username heading, click on “Add New”.  Students will be prompted to create a login name for you as well as provide your preferred contact email address.
    3. Once submitted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your student’s account to view statements and to make a payment.


Common Student Financial Questions

I have an unpaid balance hold, what can I do?

An unpaid balance hold means you have a balance on your student account.  Students have a few options to have their hold removed, we encourage you start working on these options now:

  1. View your “transaction history” online and pay your outstanding balance  Once your balance is paid, your hold will be automatically removed overnight.
  2. Make sure you have finished applying for financial aid.  You can check online at “Track your financial aid“.
  3. Stop by the Enrollment Center and meet with the on call counselor to determine if a payment plan is possible.  The plan would allow you to cover your current balance plus an estimate of your spring charges through the rest of the academic year.  Before coming to the enrollment center, please have an idea of what you can afford in monthly payments.
  4. If monthly payments are not feasible, you may want to look at a loan.  More information regarding loan options can be found at: under “Apply for a loan”.  Please note that private loans typically require a co-signer and can take up to three weeks to finalize.

When will 1098-Ts be available?

2014 1098-Ts are available.  Students who have access to their Augnet account can download a copy via Records & Registration.   If your parents have access to your financial account, they can access the form if you have allowed your parents to see 1098-Ts.  You can edit your privacy settings to allow them access if you have not already done so.  Students who are not enrolled in spring courses had a 1098-T mailed to the permanent address we have on file.

What aid is available for summer?

Summer financial aid options can be found online under Summer Aid.

When can I open a bookstore account for summer?

Students who are registered for the upcoming term will be allowed to charge up to $600 to their student account. Due to the financial aid cycle, you can only charge summer expenses to your bookstore account from April 4th until May 22nd, so be sure to purchase your supplies for all summer courses – even those starting in July – by May 22nd.