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The “Finish Your Degree” Tuition Rate

Undergraduate Day students who have completed at least 108 credits, have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have filed an Intent to Graduate with the Registrar’s office, may be eligible for a reduced “Finish Your Degree” tuition rate equal to the current academic year’s Adult Undergraduate rate for up to 20 credits. To help us determine your eligibility, a FAFSA must be filed for the academic year in which you hope to receive the “Finish Your Degree” rate.

How to Apply for the “Finish Your Degree” Tuition Rate

  • Students petition for the “Finish Your Degree” tuition rate through the academic/financial petition process.
  • The petition must include a personal statement demonstrating new challenges, such as a loss of financial aid, that have led to financial hardship and a long-term plan signed by an academic or faculty advisor. The Academic/Financial Petition form.
  • If approved for the “Finish Your Degree” tuition rate, your financial aid package may be revised to remove institutional grants and scholarships or reduce a student loan amount; contact our office to find out how being granted the “Finish Your Degree” rate would impact your financial aid package.
  • Petitions for the “Finish Your Degree” rate should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the drop/add deadline of the term a student requests the tuition rate.

What Happens Once the Student Applies to the “Finish Your Degree Tuition Rate?

  • The committee views each student’s financial situation from a holistic perspective.  Criteria for meeting the financial hardship requirement must be new and unanticipated and may include (but is not limited to) the loss of the Minnesota State Grant, the loss of federal aid eligibility, or major requirements that extended beyond eight semesters.  Approval is not guaranteed based on one of these factors.
  • The petition is reviewed by the Student Standing Committee and Student Financial Services.
  • The tuition rate will be applied to a maximum of 20 credits. Tuition rate will only be applied to courses required for degree completion as outlined on student’s long-term plan.
  • The tuition rate may not be applied to previous semesters.

Please make an appointment with student financial services to see what any financial impact would be to your tuition!

Email to set up an appointment today.