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Student Account Financial Disclosure


Students at Augsburg University (“Augsburg”) are obligated to pay Term Fees upon registration for each academic term.  “Term Fees” include tuition, room and board charges, and other fees and charges owed for each term.  By enrolling at Augsburg you agree to the terms and conditions in this disclosure and that you are responsible for paying for all of these charges regardless of whether you receive financial aid or whether a third party, such as an employer, has agreed to pay these charges on your behalf.  Augsburg only issues refunds of Term Fees to the extent allowed under the Augsburg University Tuition Refund Policy.

Statements and account histories are available online through AugNet Records and Registration.  By enrolling at Augsburg, you consent to receive all financial information related to your enrollment electronically.  These communications may include billing statements, statement changes, payment plan information, payment due notifications, late payment notices, account holds, collections information, tax document availability and other student business related notices.  Because you will not receive a paper communication from the University regarding financial information while you are enrolled at Augsburg, it is your responsibility to check your online account (via AugNet account) for these communications, including tuition and fee statements.  More information concerning the delivery of tax documents is provided below.

Under certain circumstances, Augsburg may require someone to co-sign your obligations to the University.  If a co-signer is required, both you and the co-signer are responsible for paying Term Fees and any other costs incurred to Augsburg (including collection costs or attorney’s fees, if applicable) and fulfilling all other conditions outlined in this Student Account Financial Disclosure.


Results of Balances Not Paid in Full

Augsburg may charge late fees and interest on delinquent accounts.  Missed or late payments will be subject to a late payment charge and/or a finance charge on the overdue balance from the date the balance was due until payment in full is received.  If your account is not paid in full on the first day of the term, finance charges at the rate of 8% per year (0.67% per month) will be added onto your student account balance.  For example, this means that for every $1,000.00 owed, you will be charged $6.70 a month in finance charges. A $30 NSF Fee will be added for any payment returned by the bank for Non-Sufficient Funds or an incorrect/invalid account number.


Past Due Accounts

If you do not set up a formal payment plan with Augsburg’s Student Financial Services Department, Augsburg reserves the right to demand payment of the entire balance owed by you and to take steps to collect these amounts.  Augsburg may cancel your registration, prevent you from registering for future terms, withhold transcripts or diplomas, remove you from on-campus housing, turn your account over to a collection agency or take legal action to collect any past due balances.  If Augsburg takes such actions, you agree to reimburse Augsburg, or its agents, all costs and expenses Augsburg incurs in such collection efforts, including attorney’s fees and collection agency fees.    You authorize Augsburg to release financial information about your account and other pertinent information, such as your address and phone number, to third parties and affiliates attempting to collect an account balance, such as collection agencies and law firms.


Telephone and Text Message Communications

You agree and consent that Augsburg and its affiliates, vendors, contractors and business partners may contact you for any lawful reason, including to communicate with you regarding your enrollment, to offer you additional services, or regarding billing and payment of Term Fees, including communications to collect amounts owed by you to Augsburg.

You voluntarily consent that Augsburg and its affiliates, vendors, contractors and business partner may contact you at or send text messages to any telephone number that you provide, and that they may use automated dialing and announcing devices and play recorded messages while contacting you.  Your telephone service provider may charge you to receive these communications.  You agree not to provide Augsburg any telephone number to contact you at unless you are the subscriber or regular user of the number, and to notify Augsburg immediately if you no longer are the subscriber or current regular user of any telephone number you provide such as, for example, if you cancel telephone service or change your telephone number.

I understand that this consent is voluntary and is not a requirement to enroll at Augsburg, and that I can revoke this consent at any time by contacting Augsburg using any reasonable means. If you wish to opt out of receiving debt collection communication via text or emails sent to your personal email address, click here.


1098 Electronic Notification

Augsburg will provide you an annual IRS 1098-T form electronically via the student cashnet site available through your AugNet account.  The 1098-T form for the previous calendar year will be available by January 31st.  Augsburg will not mail the 1098-T form unless requested.

Your consent to receive this form electronically will continue unless and until you withdraw it, in which case you will receive a paper 1098-T form.  To withdraw your consent and receive a paper copy, you must complete a “Request for Withdrawal of Electronic Consent – 1098-T” form.  The form must be emailed to the Student Financial Services Office at or mailed to: Augsburg University, CB 309, 2211 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55454.  Please ensure your address is correct in your AugNet account and make any changes prior to submitting this request.  All sections on the form must be completed in order to be processed by Augsburg.  Once the request is received, Student Financial Services will mail you a paper confirmation letter to the address provided by you confirming the date on which the withdrawal of consent will take place.


Address Changes

Students are responsible to update Augsburg University of any changes in address and/or phone numbers at Inside Augsburg, on Records & Registration/Student Information/Contact Information, or by submitting an Address Change form to the Registrar’s Office.


If you don’t understand this information or have questions about your tuition, student account or financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at 612-330-1046 or email us at


Revised 11/24/2021