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Grad Spring Semester

Welcome to the new Semester! Important Student Financial Service info to know!

Payment options
  • Online payment: There is a fee for online credit or debit card transactions. ACH payments have no fees.
  • Cash and Check: At the Enrollment Center in Sverdrup Hall
  • Mail: Campus Box 309 2211 Riverside Ave Minneapolis, MN 55454
Online Statement
  • Your bill is available exclusively online via AugNet.
  • Your student account transaction history link (located at the top of your “Statements” page) shows a running total of the term’s charges, payments, and financial aid.
  • For those students who are eligible for tuition benefits from their employer, there is an Employer Reimbursement plan with an extended payment grace period . Students must sign up for this plan each semester.
Review Financial Aid
  • You can view your Financial Aid and missing documents through the “Track My Financial Aid” portal on AugNet’s “Records, Registration, and Finances” page.
  • To qualify for federal loans, students must be enrolled in at least 3 credits per semester.
  • If you want to cancel or change the amount of your Federal Direct Loan, please email us by Friday, May 17th.
Guest User Access and Information Release Consent
  • For anyone other than you to view your online statements , you must send a payer invitation through the main page of your student account portal.
  • You must file the online “Information Release” in “Records, Registration, and Finances” to grant permission to speak or e-mail with anyone other than you, such as a parent or guardian, about your account.
Buying Books
  • You may charge up to $750 in bookstore purchases to your student account to utilize financial aid for book purchases through May 24th. Web purchases must be made by May 21st. These bookstore charges will show up on your June billing statement.
Changing Registration
  • The last day to add/drop full-term and Time 1 courses is May 20th, and the last day to add/drop Time 2 courses is July 9th. Any change to your enrollment after the applicable drop/add dates listed above will be recorded on your official transcript.
  • Registration changes may or may not change your financial aid award and account balance.
Financial Aid Disbursement and Credit Refunds
  • Financial Aid that is ready to disburse will get applied to student accounts by May 29th.
  • If your aid and payments are greater than what you owe, a credit refund is automatically generated on June 7th. To receive your refund faster, sign up for direct deposit by May 31st online.
  • If you are in Time 2 classes only, credit refunds will not be processed until around 3 weeks after Time 2 classes begin.
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