Success after College

Auggies succeed after college

After taking time while on campus to explore their vocations, Augsburg graduates go on to pursue a wide range of successful careers.

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Brianna Olson-Carr ’14Brianna Olson-Carr

Major(s): Theatre with concentrations in dramaturgy/directing and performance; creative writing; and English literature

Title: Currently employed with Theater for Children and Elevation Education

I am currently working at The National Theater for Children, and Elevation Education. Both are non-profits whose members travel around the nation’s schools with important educational content presented in a play format. Topics include anti-bullying, STEM, and financial literacy.
My Augsburg experience provided me with incredible teachers, enriching classes with amazing guest speakers, and a lot of internships. I was a persistent, self-directed learner, and Augsburg embraced that and gave me the tools that I needed to be where I am today.

Kevin Butcher ’13Kevin Butcher

Majors: Biopsychology; psychology: clinical

Title: Residential counselor at Aurora Mental Health Center

Immediately following graduation I worked for the Colorado Health Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute, while also acting as a thought-leader for health organizations, policy makers, and community health departments. Currently, I am a residential counselor for the Aurora Mental Health Center in an adult intensive services mental health treatment center. I administer medications, facilitate group therapy, conduct one-on-one interventions, and more.

The environment at Augsburg, both the academic and community aspects, prepared me for life outside of college in a few ways. First, Augsburg’s emphasis on experiencing the world you live in—community internships, study abroad adventures, independent research—helps to prepare its students for success in the avenues of life they find most inspiring and important. Augsburg’s location and mission also draws students from all backgrounds, teaching its students how to interact with all kinds of human beings.

Brittany Kimball ’13Brittany Kimball

Major: Biology

Title: Medical student at Mayo Medical School

After graduation I served for one year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Campus Kitchen and Health Commons, both Augsburg organizations doing amazing work in our urban community. That experience helped me gain practical skills in community-based work and better understand the role relationships play in health and healing. It also allowed me to witness exceptional examples in Augsburg’s nursing faculty, showing me that medical professionals can make a difference in improving health for all people. I am currently a medical student at Mayo Medical School.

The three most formative experiences I had while at Augsburg were my summer research experiences at Mayo Clinic—made possible with help from URGO and an Augsburg alum, my internship with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

Austin Wagner ’13Austin Wagner

Major/Minors: Mathematics major; minors in philosophy and physics

Title: Data analyst for Target Corp.

I had received a job offer from Target during my junior year after my internship that summer, and now work full time as a data analyst. Basically, I use data, statistics, and mathematical techniques to help Target make good business decisions.

The mathematics program at Augsburg gave me the tools to think quickly, creatively, and logically, not only through [my time in the classroom], but also through research experiences, study abroad opportunities, and conferences throughout the region.

Adult Undergraduate

Fatinah Ramadan ’16Fatihah Ramadan

I had always wanted to return to school, but never thought it would be possible for a mother of four. Raising children with disabilities, the thought of pursuing my own education always seemed impossible. I remembered that my cousin had attended Augsburg while working and raising a family. I also was attracted to the diversity of the campus—I have felt welcomed and appreciated at Augsburg. Now that I have life and work experience, I am able to take that knowledge and use it in the classroom.

Ian McConnell ’15Ian McConnell

Not having finished my degree was something that always hung over my head. I knew I had the capacity to succeed; I just needed to find the right place. With a full-time work schedule, I needed a place that cares about its students, fosters a learning environment that makes thriving a possibility, and nurtures relationships, all while providing a top-notch academic experience. I landed on Augsburg. Having started my college career in an enormous university where, quite frankly, I was just another number, this is such a gift.

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Shawntan Howell ’14 MALShawntan Howell

I got my BA in computer science and statistics, and right after graduation I went into the workforce. After 13 years and two companies, I found myself frustrated with where I was in my career. At that point, I realized that in order to better understand where I want my career to go, I needed to better understand me. I knew I had leadership qualities, but I wanted to find my niche and be able to communicate that clearly and with confidence. Therefore, I chose to go back to school to start on my personal improvement journey. Currently, I am a technology project manager at Thomson Reuters and owner of Girls Are Powerful, which empowers girls and young women to embrace and celebrate their natural qualities.

Chad Leonard ’10 MBAChad Leonard

The ethics-based Augsburg MBA program has been helpful to me in my career as a business operations and resource planner for a major medical manufacturer. What I’ve learned has helped me in thinking about how morals and ethics guide decision-making. Sometimes that is more important than the bottom line because my decision has an impact on my friends.

[Augsburg’s] professors bring richness to the program because they combine a background in academia with real-world experience. And they get what it means to be an adult learner.

Adrienne Slaughter ’10 MSWAdrienne Slaughter

Graduating from the Augsburg Master of Social Work program is a special privilege to me. I received an outstanding professional education, but I also benefited from the collective wisdom of faculty who gave me the knowledge and skills to serve as a social worker. As an African American professional woman, many doors have been opened to me because of the education I received at Augsburg. Today, I am able to serve those who do not have a voice and to be more effective in both the professional and personal spheres of my life as a licensed clinical social worker for Emory University.