Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration offers eight majors: business administration (BUS), management, accounting (ACC), finance (FIN), international business, management information systems (MIS), marketing (MKT) and a combined major in business and economics. Learn more on the Business Program Overview page. All of our majors earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Auggie Business students in action

Business students at Augsburg do more than learn about balance sheets and supply and demand. The Business Administration Department coordinates with the Center for Global Education, the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work, and the Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning to give students incredible learning experiences through classes, study abroad, internships, and service work.

Read more about Business Students in Action:

  • Luke Iverson ’15 and his exclusive internship at St. Stephen’s Human Services through the Bonner Leaders Program
  • James “Bubba” Chambers ’07, a U.S. Navy veteran and a Weekend and Evening College student
  • Erica Lippitt ’12 who studied in Mexico
  • Tom Rixen ’12 and Kris Ozga ’11 and the financial literacy program they developed for students
  • John Cerrito ’11 and his internship with KDWB
  • Grant Rostad ’10 and his internship in England with Ernst & Young