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Student Groups

College is what you make of it, and getting involved is essential to getting the most out of your Augsburg experience. Augsburg offers many student organizations for you to choose from, and you aren’t limited to choosing just one!

Augsburg Business Organization

Status: Commissioned Student Organization
Chartered: 2001-2002
Mission: Augsburg Business Organization (ABO) promotes the study of business at Augsburg, as well as brings students together who have an interest in discussing and advocating for business.
ABO Officers 2017-2018
President:  Preenon Huq
Vice President:  John Hengel
Treasurer:  Elizabeth Stolis
Marketing:  Emily Glaser & Kevin Tran
Secretary:  Suphawan Deewon (not pictured)
Advisor: Marc Isaacson
Business Administration

Augsburg Student Accounting Organization

Status: Chartered Student Organization
Chartered: 2015-2016
Mission: ASAO provides students the opportunity to enhance their accounting experience into a professional career, certification, or interest in the field beyond the classroom.
Executive Board: President:  Alexander Abramovitz
Vice President:  Ryan Kain
Treasurer:  Sandra Eguida
Secretary:  Cristobal Estrada
Advisor: Phyllis Kapetanakis
Business Administration

Augsburg University Student Investment Group

Status: Chartered Student Organization
Chartered: 2016-2017
Mission: The Augsburg University Student Investment Group aims to thoroughly educate our members in the art and science of investing; to help members develop practical investment skills and test them in the markets; and to create superior access to career opportunities in the investment industry.
Advisor: Marc McIntosh