Many of the same faculty who teach in the Medieval Studies program are also instructors at Medieval Minnesota. Here are some of the faculty from past summers (faculty for the 2011 program may vary):

Phil Adamo (history, research, juggling) is the Director of Medieval Minnesota.  He is an Associate Professor and Chair of History and Director of Medieval Studies at Augsburg College.

Ellen Arnold (castle design, bestiaries) has a Ph.D. in Medieval History from the University of Minnesota. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Macalester College in Minneapolis.

Darcey Engen (dialect, movement training) is a professional actor and director, and Associate Professor of Theatre at Augsburg College.

Craig Johnson (long sword fencing) is a swordsmith and historic master fencer with Minneapolis-based Arms and Armor and the Oakshott Institute.

Tim Jones (Robin Hood), one of the world’s leading experts on medieval outlaw literature, is an adjunt professor of English at Augsburg College.

Jeremy Kittleson (dance) is a member of the Terpsichory Dance Company, which regularly performs at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Merilee Klemp (music) is a classically trained, professional musician, and Associate Professor of Music and Music History at Augsburg College.

Emily Knotek (dance) is trained in many forms of dance, has been a member of T’N’T, a Ceili Irish dance troupe, and is a frequent performer at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Candy Koehn (costuming) is a professional textile artist who regularly plies her craft at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Kerry Morgan (iconography) holds a Ph.D. in Art History and is Curator of Galleries at Augsburg College.

Phil Thompson (calligraphy) is an Emeritus Professor of Art at Augsburg College.