The Program

About Medieval Minnesota

dance-7Medieval Minnesota is a unique summer learning experience appropriate for students ages 14 to 17. It consists of a one-week boarding camp that re-imagines life in the Middle Ages. The camp has attracted students from around the United States and Canada.

Students learn medieval history, including such topics as the legends of Robin Hood and King Arthur, the Crusades, castle design, the history of labyrinths, and the symbolism of medieval wax seals. In addition, students learn to develop a medieval character, build a medieval costume, juggle, dance, fence, play tunes on medieval instruments, and perform authentic medieval stories, songs, and plays.

In 2011, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council awarded a $10,000 grant to Medieval Minnesota, as part of Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. This grant recognized Medieval Minnesota’s record for providing “high-quality, age-appropriate arts education for Minnesotans of all ages to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the arts … to cultivate creativity and deepen knowledge of and/or through the arts for children,   youth, and adults by engaging people in extended arts experiences and activities with clearly articulated learning objectives.”

Augsburg College is nationally recognized for its inter-disciplinary, experiential teaching in Medieval Studies. Its “Medieval Connections” course has been featured in Renaissance magazine, Teaching History, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and on Minnesota Public Radio. It is # 6 on College Bound’s list of “25 Cool, Funky, and Controversial Classes.”  In 2010, Medieval Minnesota was featured on the podcast, Chivalry Today.