David B. Apolloni

Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Hagfors CSBR 130
CB 110

I came to Augsburg in 1989. Augsburg University has given me the opportunity to introduce students to the grandeur of their own heritage, to the history of Western thought (I am a Plato specialist) and to the arts (I teach aesthetics) while appreciating the positive contributions of democracy and capitalism to our civilization (I also teach business ethics), and the contributions of other civilizations.It is a pleasure to teach when students learn and change, and it is a magical moment when they can disagree intelligently with me on controversial philosophical matters. I hope that my courses will help students become more thoughtful and hence better people.



  • B.A. University of Minnesota
  • M.Div. Luther-Northwestern Seminary
  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota


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  • Reply to Professor Gerson, The Bryn Mawr Review (May, 2012).