Kenneth N Erickson

Ken Erickson’s approach to teaching has been inspired from the great teachers he has had both in his undergraduate (Augsburg, ’62) and graduate work. “I feel I can relate to the students because I understand how difficult coursework can be.” He doesn’t consider himself an “intellectual,” which makes him more approachable than many professors he had while in graduate school. Erickson strives to build a respectful relationship with his students, which in turn can lead to the students reaching a level of excellence.

Before Erickson came to Augsburg in 1970, he had worked on a large project that involved five universities across the country. He also built a lab from scratch at 11,000 feet on a Colorado mountain. After he arrived at Augsburg, he joined a special program by the Hill Foundation that provided 25 shared professorships between the University of Minnesota and the small colleges in the area. This allowed him to continue his research. Since then, Erickson has worked with scientists at the University of Minnesota to analyze particle data from synchronous orbit satellites, and to build and fly research rockets into the aurora borealis.

He was also the director of the Minnesota Space Grant College Consortium at Augsburg (funded by NASA) and is an associate director of the statewide program. Augsburg was one of three founding members of the Minnesota program, and is the only private college member among this group.


  • B.A. Augsburg College
  • M.S. Michigan State University
  • Ph.D. Colorado State University

Current Research Interests

  • Space Physics
  • Cosmic Ray Physics
  • High-energy Physics