Ronald L Fedie

Associate Professor Emeritus

CB 87

I teach general, physical, and polymer chemistry courses to chemistry and science majors as well as introductory chemistry to non-science majors.  Hands-on laboratory studies are key to understanding fundamental chemistry topics.  Modern spectroscopic and calorimetric instruments obtain quantum and thermodynamic energies, and a plethora of computer interfaced collection devices collect pertinent data in the lab portions of the courses.  I write and employ new labs each year with various instruments to keep the content up to date, yet in line with the lecture themes.  The latest instrument added to the physical chemistry lab just this academic year is the Parr 6725 micro-bomb calorimeter.


  • B.A.,  University of St. Thomas Chemistry (ACS Approved), 1989
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Physical/Polymer Chemistry, 1996

Research Interests

  • Fuels, and Fuels from Renewable Sources
  • Polymer Characterizations and Properties
  • Polymer Synthesis Kinetics

Recent Publications:

  • Fedie, R.L.; McNeff, C.V.; ; Nowlan, D.T.; Yan, B.; McNeff, L.C.;“Continuous Production of 5-HMF from Simple and Complex Carbohydrates”, J. Applied Catalysis A: General, 384 (2010) 65-69.
  • Fedie, R.L.; McNeff, C.V.; McNeff, L.C.; Nowlan, D.T.; Rasmussen, M.; Gyberg, A.E., Krohn, B.J.;Yan, B.; Hoye, T.R..;“A Continuous Catalytic System for Biodiesel Production”; Applied Catalysis A: General, 343 (2008) 39-48.