Joshua Miller


CB 62

I teach overview courses in the religion department and have the joy of journeying with students of many different faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life, as we study how humans have been encountered by the divine in many faith traditions. I teach especially in the three religions that share faith in the God of Abraham: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. I love teaching at Augsburg because we have both a community rich in religious diversity and also a lively commitment to the Lutheran expression of faith.  This makes for an enriching, challenging, and enjoyable learning environment for both students and instructors. I amazed as I learn over and over again from the thoughtfulness, generosity, and tenacity of our students.

In addition to teaching in the religion department, I am also active in theological research that I hope will help me better serve my students, the church, and the world. In teaching at Augsburg, I have come to find that Martin Luther’s teachings concerning the human’s relationships with God in justification and  with fellow humans, fellow creatures, and the earth in vocation are not only still relevant today but also form an excellent standpoint from which Lutherans can engage in inter-religious dialogue. In addition, the message that we are at peace with God apart from anything we have done can motivate us to live not for ourselves but for the sake of others and the world. I hope that I can not only teach that message but live out in service to our students and our community.

Courses Taught

REL 100 “Vocation and the Search for Meaning”
REL 300 “Bible, Christian Theology, and Vocation”


Hanging by a Promise: The Hidden God in the Theology of Oswald Bayer. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Papers/Wipf and Stock Publications, 2015.

Prayer that Prevails”, co-authored with Michael Chan. Word & World, Winter, 2015.


B.A. from Crown College, 2005
M.A. from Luther Seminary, 2008
Ph.D. from Luther Seminary, 2012