Jeremy Myers

Associate Professor

Hagfors CSBR 173
CB 86

I’ve been teaching at Augsburg University since 2006. My approach to instruction includes a faithful, honest and critical look at people’s lived realities while simultaneously attempting to seek and proclaim meaning, truth and hope within the context of that reality. This is also how I approach my discipline of Youth and Family Ministry. Therefore, I will often incorporate the insights of sociology, psychology, cultural studies, and ritual studies into the class’s theological process.

My areas of research include adolescent experiences of God’s presence and activity, how adolescents construct theology, contemplative youth ministry practices, interfaith youth work, a vocational understanding of adolescence, and a public understanding of church.



  • B.S. University of Minnesota, 1997
  • M.A. Luther Seminary, 2002
  • PhD Luther Seminary, 2008


Tree of Life


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