Susan K Nash

Professor Emeritus

810 3rd Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904

“I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to create an environment that encourages the learner to discover his/ her own potential and gifts and to critically reflect on the relationship between theory, practice and research as it relates to the nurse. The teacher is the guide and mentor in a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection.

“Our curriculum is incredible. It is sound, thoughtful and relevant for nurses practicing in a diverse world. More importantly, it is a program that is designed for the adult learner. It respects the experience the nurse brings to the learning setting and builds upon that experience and knowledge. We recognize that the strength of our students is that they are adult learners with adult lives and adult responsibilities. Our program is designed with the adult learner in mind. It is a setting that offers a degree at a healthy pace.

“My role is one of mentor, advocate, facilitator, and advisor. I help my student’s identify their learning needs and goals. Via e-mail, phone, and face-to-face meetings, we work together to achieve the student’s learning goals.”


  • B.S.N., University of Minnesota
  • M.S.N., University of Minnesota, Child-rearing / Child-bearing and Nursing Education Plan B Paper title: Perceptions of high school students as compared to the nursing profession about the different levels of nursing preparation
  • Ed.D., University of Minnesota, Family Education

    Dissertation title: Lifeworld of Stay-at-home Mothers


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Regional and National Competitions

– Cultural Competency… it’s a Complexity Thing, 35th Annual Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG) conference – Kansas City, KA, Oct.17-19,2008

– Complexity In the Classroom – Roundtable discussion, 35th Annual Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG) conference, Kansas City, KA, Oct. 17-19, 2008

– Walking With Families: Relational Based Care Podium Presentation, On the Edge: Nursing in the Age of Complexity – Plexus Conference, Kansas City, KA, Aug. 3- 5, 2008

– Implications of Complexity for Healthcare- A Panel Discussion, On the Edge: Nursing in the Age of Complexity – Plexus Conference, Kansas City, KA, Aug. 3- 5, 2008

 Family Connections Panel Presentation: Bringing Baby Home, KQSM – Public Television, May 8, 2008

– Complex Adaptive Systems in Action: Discovering, Developing, and Deploying Talent, Imagine the Power of Health Educators Conference (HEC) Rochester, MN, Apr. 16 -18, 2008

– Complexity Science-guided Team Building: Living the Experience, 2008 Clinical Nutrition Management Leading System Improvement: Optimizing Organizational and Patient Outcomes – San Antonio, TX, Mar. 29 – Apr. 1, 2008

Current Research Interests

  • Member of Nursing Education Learning Network (funded by Robert Woods Johnson Foundation). The Network is committed to the study of the emerging science of complexity as it relates to health care and nursing.

Areas of Teaching Responsibility

  • Graduate: Transcultural Families, Thesis / Project Advising
  • Undergraduate: Nursing of Families, Nursing Theory, Transformational Leadership

    Coordinating Responsibilities

  • Coordination of the Rochester Site Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Programs
  • Co-chair Plexus Institute Nurse Educator Network
  • Rochester Site Facilities Management Team