Meet the Auggie Guides

These Auggies are just a few of the great students you might meet when you come to campus!

Kaylie Johnson ’17

Kaylie Johnson ’17
Music Therapy

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Major: Music Therapy

Minor: Psychology

Why I chose Augsburg College: I really like the personalized learning we get because we have really small class sizes. I love being able to know the professors and having them here for us if we ever need help! I also really love the student body! Everyone is super friendly and it’s awesome to know someone whenever you walk down the hall. I never thought I would love city life but I do! There’s always a lot of opportunities on and off campus to try new things and explore! Finally, I enjoy our Music Therapy program here and being in the city gives us a lot of opportunities for internships and research. Go Auggies!

Favorite Augsburg class: Music Therapy Techniques and Materials with Annie Heiderscheit! We learned how to facilitate relaxation sessions, lead different types of group sessions, and experimented with different instruments. It will be exciting to use what I learned in this class in the future!

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Writing and performing in the Honor’s play in front of a full house! I never thought I would enjoy it but it is definitely one of my favorite memories so far! I also saw the Dalai Lama speak in February, so that is also definitely a highlight of my college experience so far! I know there are many more awesome experiences to come!

Best place to study on campus: The couches on the second floor of the music hall.

Favorite activity when not studying: I love playing in the pep band, playing ultimate frisbee in the dome in the winter, playing with the bands, hanging out with friends, going to chapel, and exploring the city! I love the student ticket deals we get with different activities in the city, especially the Minnesota Orchestra! There’s always something to do, so I like to expand my horizons!

Karen Thao ’17

Karen Thao ’17
Women’s Studies

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Major: Women’s Studies

Why I chose Augsburg College: I chose Augsburg because of the one-on-one support I receive from the school. The Augsburg faculty believes that no dream is ever too small or too big. Where I come from, my dreams were thought of as unrealistic and unreachable. Here at Augsburg, not only does the faculty support each student, but also helps them to achieve their dreams both academically and emotionally. Augsburg taught me that not only can I touch the sky, but I can own it.

Favorite Augsburg class: My favorite class was “Popular Culture, Race and Sexuality,” taught by the Director of the Women’s Studies program, Dr. Adriane Brown. This class was an eye-opener; it made me realize how much of a “man’s world” this world really is. Thus, I want to further my knowledge in this field.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: The “Auggiewood” event hosted by Augsburg’s Student Council. This event is an all-night event filled with free limo rides, music, and free food. It was an amazing experience and an unforgettable one too!

Best place to study on campus: The private rooms located on the 2nd floor of the Library.

Favorite activity when not studying: I like to go to museums, watch shows/movies on Netflix (especially “Orange is the New Black”) and get creative and work on DIY projects.

PJ Leehey ’14

PJ Leehey ’14
Communication Studies

Hometown: Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Public Relations and Advertising

Why I chose Augsburg College: I loved that Augsburg was in a fantastic location in Minneapolis, giving me the ability to explore but to always come back to a place that feels like home. I also use the CLASS office as a resource and think that the Communications Department does a wonderful job as well.

Favorite Augsburg class: COM 490 with Kristen Chamberlain

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: I have had the opportunity to do many great things at Augsburg and have enjoyed them all very much. My first semester being part of Advent Vespers was a treat. I truly enjoy singing and have kept choir as a hobby throughout my schooling. It was wonderful to see my hard work and practice culminate in such a beautiful and wonderful performance. Vespers is something that I look forward to each year!

Best place to study on campus: Right in front of Einstein’s is my favorite place that way I am only steps away from coffee!

Favorite activity when not studying: I grew up watching the Twins on the wrong side of the boarder in Wisconsin. Since I was a small kid I have been coming to games with my dad and his family. When I moved to Minneapolis and found out how easy it is to get on the light rail and go to Target Field from Augsburg, I was thrilled! When I have the time and the money, I enjoy going to Twins games with my friends and family. Target Field has the best atmosphere in the city in my opinion!

Alisha Olson ’15

Alisha Olson ’15
Social Work

Hometown: Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Major: Social Work

Minor: Psychology

Why I chose Augsburg College: I was first introduced to Augsburg by a family friend, after my first campus tour I started to fall in love with the campus but mostly the people. After leaving campus, I knew I would be comfortable calling Augsburg College my home for four years of my college education. I could tell that every person, faculty, or staff that I was introduced to on campus, truly had an interest in me and wanted me to succeed. Community service is also a big part of my life and something that gives me a lot of joy, and I love that Augsburg has a strong focus on community service embedded into the curriculum and the life of the college. I am confident that choosing Augsburg College was one of the best decisions I have made.

Favorite Augsburg class: Social Work 100 – A requirement of the class was to complete 40 hours of service learning. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Cedar Riverside Community School in the first grade class helping the students learn to read.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Living on campus! Within two weeks of living on campus, I knew it was my home. I met some really fantastic people who I know I will continue to be friends with for the rest of my life. I enjoy living on campus because I am so close to all the different activities going on.

Best place to study on campus: The couches on the second floor of Old Main.

Favorite activity when not studying: I really enjoy volunteering, hanging out with friends, and exploring new places around the Minneapolis area.

Emily Hanvik ’15

Emily Hanvik ’15
Social Psychology

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: Social Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Why I chose Augsburg: The first time I came to campus it just felt like home. I love being in the middle of a big city, but with a small school feel. I can’t walk across campus without seeing someone I know! Everything is so personalized to you here, and the people really care about you.

Favorite Augsburg class: Family Systems: Cross-Cultural Perspectives with Tim Pippert. It was absolutely fascinating to learn about different family styles all around the world. Also, I was able to use a lot of what I learned in previous psychology and sociology classes to help learn even more about family systems across the world.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: I am involved in the Augsburg Choir here on campus, and we got to go on an international choir tour this year to Ireland. It was the experience of a lifetime; getting to travel with my best friends, and sing along the way was amazing. On top of everything, while being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I found out that I would be a section leader in choir next year, and would take over the Officer position of Secretary in the choir!

Best place to study: The link level of the library with the big comfy chairs and big windows facing the Center for Counseling and Health Promotion.

Favorite activity when not studying: Singing with Augapella – our on campus a cappella group, exploring Minneapolis, and spending time with my cat Cuddles!