Meet the Auggie Guides

These Auggies are just a few of the great students you might meet when you come to campus!

Michelle Grafelman ’15


Hometown: Savage, Minnesota

Major: Biology major, math minor

Why I chose Augsburg College: I chose Augsburg because it was the school where I felt most comfortable. It is a small campus where I knew I would be able to interact with and get to know not only other students but also professors. I can’t see myself sitting in a classroom of 200 students where the professor has no idea who I am. I also love that Augsburg is in the heart of the city with easy access to lots of places and opportunities.

Favorite Augsburg class: HON130: Liberating Letters with Prof. Bob Groven

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: My most incredible experience at Augsburg so far was the Honors program first-year play. During my first semester at Augsburg and as part of the Honors program, I participated in a class where I was part of a group that had to write and produce a vignette. Not being a theater person, I was terrified for the class. However, it turned out to be such a rewarding experience! It was amazing to see the various strengths and imaginations of everyone in the group. It truly was a great representation of the incredible sense of community that can be felt all over Augsburg’s campus. In chapel, at sporting events, and even in classes, I have felt that Augsburg is a really strong community where people support one another and accept one another for who they are.

Best place to study on campus: The Honors Suite

Favorite activity when not studying: playing in the Concert Band or going to Communion on Wednesday nights.

Colton Hinz ’13


Hometown: Richfield, Minnesota

Major: Secondary English education

Why I chose Augsburg College: I chose Augsburg because of its prime-quality location in the heart of Minneapolis. Additionally, the atmosphere and student community is unrivaled!

Favorite Augsburg class: Creative Drama and Improvisation

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Spending time with and getting to know Mr. Boyd Koehler, Research Librarian. His expertise and guidance has been crucial to my success here at Augsburg…not to mention his colorful, yet stylish appearance.

Best place to study on campus: The basement of the library. It’s where all the cool kids hang out.

Favorite activity when not studying: I like to spend my time hanging out with friends, playing sports and other various activities on the soccer field, and reading books to gain valuable knowledge.

Maddie Johnson ’13


Hometown: Avon, Minnesota

Major: Communication studies, emphasis in public relations

Why I chose Augsburg College: I was a transfer student three years ago, and at that time my main reason for deciding to leave my previous school and come to Augsburg was for the StepUp Program. After being here for the last three years , I have so many more reasons than just StepUp for why I decided to stay!

Favorite Augsburg class: Probably the one class I took this summer. It was my Communications Keystone class.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: The first time I ate Nabo’s grilled cheese. It’s absolutely incredible, and Nabo is located right down the stairs from my residence hall.

Best place to study on campus: The basement of the library because there is no cell service; therefore, you don’t have your phone as a distraction!

Favorite activity when not studying: I love to dance, play beach volleyball when weather permits, drive and sing loudly… but pretty much anything can be great when you’re in the company of your awesome fellow Auggies.

Alisha Olson ’15


Hometown: Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Major: Social work major, psychology minor

Why I chose Augsburg College: I was first introduced to Augsburg by a family friend, after my first campus tour I started to fall in love with the campus but mostly the people. After leaving campus, I knew I would be comfortable calling Augsburg College my home for four years of my college education. I could tell that every person, faculty, or staff that I was introduced to on campus, truly had an interest in me and wanted me to succeed. Community service is also a big part of my life and something that gives me a lot of joy, and I love that Augsburg has a strong focus on community service embedded into the curriculum and the life of the college. I am confident that choosing Augsburg College was one of the best decisions I have made.

Favorite Augsburg class: Social Work 100 – A requirement of the class was to complete 40 hours of service learning. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Cedar Riverside Community School in the first grade class helping the students learn to read.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Living on campus! Within two weeks of living on campus, I knew it was my home. I met some really fantastic people who I know I will continue to be friends with for the rest of my life. I enjoy living on campus because I am so close to all the different activities going on.

Best place to study on campus: The couches on the second floor of Old Main.

Favorite activity when not studying: I really enjoy volunteering, hanging out with friends, and exploring new places around the Minneapolis area.

Charlie Olson ’13


Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Major: Biopsychology

Why I chose Augsburg: I chose to come to Augsburg because from the first time I set foot on campus, I felt like I was home. The campus was so welcoming that I was immediately able to see myself getting my education here. I decided to do one of the overnight stays with a current student and was able to preview some classes. I was able to connect with the faculty and staff and found out that they are very willing to set up a wonderful academic environment for their students.

Favorite Augsburg class: There is a tie between my two favorite classes at Augsburg.  Since I am a Biopsychology major, I really enjoy both psychology and biology. My favorite biology class was Animal Physiology with Prof. Crowe.  My favorite psychology class was the Independent Research Seminar with Prof. Steblay. In the research seminar, I worked on a semester long research project that investigated eye motion during police lineups.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: One of the most incredible experiences that I have had at Augsburg was being a McNair scholar.  The McNair program is an undergraduate research program that allowed me to work with Prof. Crowe over the summer at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) on a study that investigated the differences in the brain during visual perception. After concluding my work at the VAMC, I was able to attend a national research conference at the University of California Berkeley to present my work. Because of the McNair Scholars program at Augsburg, I want to go on to graduate school and earn my PhD.

Best place to study: My favorite place to study on campus is in the private study rooms on the third floor of the library.

Favorite activity when not studying: I am the captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team on campus, so when I am not studying, I really enjoy playing ultimate in the park with my roommates or scrimmaging teams from other schools in the MIAC conference.