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Theology & Vocation Fellows

Exploring the Practices of Theological Reflection and Vocational Discernment with Youth

To equip ministers to do theological and vocational reflection on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis with children, youth and young adults in their communities.

The Theology & Vocation Fellows spend 1 year collaboratively and individually exploring the practices of theological reflection and vocational discernment with young people. Each Fellow creates and completes a unique research project related to these practices. Fellows will develop these projects over the course of the year and will culminate in a public presentation of what has been discovered.


  • How to apply: Complete this on-line form and have 2 letters of reference emailed to from their authors by Friday March 31, 2017. These letters should address your character and fit with this program.
  • Who can apply: Anyone currently working with children, youth or young adults in a Christian congregation as a pastor, full/part-time staff or volunteer.
  • Stipends: Each Theology & Vocation Fellow will receive a $1500 stipend at the completion of the project.
  • Cost: Room and board during AYTI will be covered. Fellows will need to arrange and pay for their own transportation and any books they purchase. The stipend can be used to offset these costs at the end of the project.

Contact Jeremy Myers | 612-330-1202 |

The Theology & Vocation Fellows project has five different elements. Fellows are expected to participate in and complete each element.

  1. On-line Cohort Meetings: There will be six On-line Cohort Meetings. During these meetings, Fellows will share questions and ideas as well as discuss readings and resources as we learn together and shape our individual projects.
  2. One-on-Ones: Each Fellow will have four quarterly One-on-Ones with the Project Director. During these one-on-ones, the Fellows will receive coaching and feedback on their projects.
  3. AYTI: All Fellows will attend the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute June 25-30, 2017. Attendance at this event will allow the Fellows to form a community, lend their gifts to AYTI and learn more about vocational discernment and theological reflection with youth. During this week Fellows will have time to conduct their own reading and writing related to their projects. They will live on campus and have access to Augsburg’s library and other resources.
  4. Research: Fellows will choose their own research projects to complete over the year. These projects will focus on theological reflection or vocational discernment with children, youth, young adults or families. This could be a research paper or some type of learning experience grounded in research. The Project Director will help each fellow craft a research project.
  5. Public Presentation: Each fellow will be expected to offer some type of public presentation in which they share what they’ve learned through their project. This could be the submission of an article to a journal, a workshop at a conference or an adult forum at the fellow’s congregation.


May 2017: On-line Cohort Meeting

June 25-30, 2017: ACYTI

August 2017: One-on-Ones

September 2017: On-line Cohort Meeting

October 2017: One-on-Ones

November 2017: On-line Cohort Meeting

December 2017 & January 2018: One-on-Ones

February 2018: On-line Cohort Meeting or meet at ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s Extravaganza

March 2018: One-on-Ones

April 2018: On-line Cohort Meeting

May 2018: On-line Cohort Meeting with next cohort of Fellows