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Student Projects

Each year the students who attend The Confluence are invited to complete a project related to the theme. Some accept this invitation and submit their own expression of how they were impacted during their time at The Confluence. You can see their projects below.


2023 – The Confluence: A place where my story, the world’s story, and God’s story flow together!

2021 – And It Was Very Good: Affirming and Advocating for Gender and Sexual Diversity in God’s Creation

2020 – Called to be Co-Creators: You Are Enough Right Now!

2019 – Stewarding Creation in our Neighborhoods: Science and Theology in Action

2018 – Light in the World: Becoming a Public Christian Leader

2017 – God’s Mosaic: Diversity as Good News

2016 – Jesus Has Left the Building

2015 – The End of the World As We Know It?

2014 – OMC! Christian Community in the Internet Age

2013 – Navigating the Intersection of Science and Religion

2012 – Stories Worth Living: Exploring Lives of Interfaith Action

2011 – Our Wild and Reckless God: What Does Forgiveness Mean?

2010 – Christian Faith and Creation: Heavenly Minded and No Earthly Good?

2009 – Exploring the Life and Times of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

2007 – Imago Dei

2006  – Hermeneutics!

2005 – Vocation