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UNAM Exchange

From social work student Carissa Franklin.

Our group was able to participate in an exchange with the National School of Social Work at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) from April 6-10. We participated in many activities during this week-long exchange. The campus is huge; I’m sure we didn’t even see half of it. In our time spent at UNAM, we were able to receive a tour of the central campus and learn more about the murals. The murals that we saw during our tour were located in the part of campus that they call the cultural center.

We also sat in on a class and the professor spoke about values. Sitting in the classroom, we were able to see the differences in what we consider appropriate in the class and what we think is not appropriate. We were also reminded of the cultural contexts we were in and took time to brainstorm about the reasons why we felt uneasy about what we witnessed. We had visits to two different practicum sites. One of the practicum sites was set at a community level and the other at the specialization level. Another tour we were able to participate in was of their musical arts. We learned about their different theaters, museums, and sat in on an orchestra’s practice session. Other activities of the week included a visit to their botanical garden, Frida Kahlo museum, and a boat ride at Xochimilco a lake in Mexico City. The most interesting part of our visit for me was hearing about their School of Social Work curriculum, which will be focused on in the next blog.

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