Equivalency Requirements

Equivalency plus MMT program requirements

The equivalency plus track is designed for students that have completed a bachelor’s degree that is not in music therapy, but have a strong background in music. Students admitted into the equivalency plus program are required to complete the prerequisite courses in order to continue the progression into the master of music therapy coursework. The majority of this prerequisite equivalency coursework is completed in the students’ first term of study, prior to enrolling in graduate level music therapy coursework. This enables students to develop the requisite skills needed to progress and develop at the graduate level. At the end of this track, students will have completed all the coursework and clinical training necessary to practice as a music therapist, take the Board Certification Exam, and have a master’s degree in music therapy. Certain equivalency courses may be waived if a student has previously completed the course. Contact gradinfo@augsburg.edu to have a transcript evaluation completed.

Prerequisites for admission to the Equivalency Plus program:

  • Completed bachelor’s degree in music (includes large ensemble experience, chamber music or small ensemble experience, lessons in major instruments, repertoire tests and participation in senior recital).

The following courses will be completed prior to beginning the advanced level courses work in the MMT program or in our summer intensive:

MUS 271 Introduction to Music Therapy (2 credits)

MUS 340 Music Therapy Methods I (2 credits)

MUS 345 Music Therapy Methods II (2 credits)

MUS 474/475 Music Therapy Practicum (0 credits)

*180 practicum music therapy hours needed throughout the course of the equivalency and MMT program. Equivalency students will continue their practicum hours throughout their advanced level courses until they have achieved 180 practicum hours.

(MUS 271, 340, 345 and 474/475 will be offered as a sequence of summer intensive courses to allow students to begin enrollment in the fall into the MMT degree course sequence)

The following courses can be completed prior to enrollment or in addition to your degree courses. (currently these are day courses unless noted)

MUS 372 Psychological Foundations of Music I (4 credits)

EDC 410 Learners with special needs (3 credits)

PSY 105 Principles of Psychology (4 credits) *day or online

PSY 262 Abnormal Psychology (4 credits)

BIO 103 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)

MUS 511 Music Therapy Practicum, 0 credits

** 4 semesters required–Must be taken as a co-requisite with 515, 520 and two music therapy in healthcare courses (550, 555, 560, 565 etc.) as approved by academic adviser.

MUS 479 Music Therapy Clinical Internship (6 month full time)

Equivalency plus MMT curriculum

*Please note the table below shows when courses are offered.  Depending on what coursework you have already completed and what electives you choose during the Masters program will actually determine your schedule.

Year 1: Summer

MUS 270 Intro. to Music Therapy (May) (2 cr.)

MUS 340 Music Therapy Methods I (Summer I) (4 cr.)

MUS 474 Music Therapy Practicum (Summer I) (0 cr.)

MUS 345 Music Therapy Methods II (Summer II) (4 cr.)

MUS 475 Music Therapy Practicum (Summer II) (0 cr.)

PSY 105 Principles of Psychology (4 cr.)

* During MUS 474 & 475 students will complete 4-6 hours a week

of practicum hours, including onsite clinical time and supervision

and group supervision on campus.

Year 1: Fall

MUS 372 Psychological Foundations of Music I (4 cr.)

MUS 511 Adv. Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

MUS 515 Adv. Music Therapy Clinical Practice (3 cr.)

MUS 510 Advanced Music Therapy Theory (3 cr.)

MUS 560 Music and Imagery (2 cr.)

EDC 410 Learners with Special Needs (4 cr.)

Year 1: Spring

MUS 530 Music Therapy Ethics (2 cr.)

MUS 550 Music Psychotherapy (2 cr.)

MUS 511 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

BIO 103 Human Anatomy & Physiology (3 cr.)

PSY 262 Abnormal Psychology (4 cr.)

Year 2: Summer

MUS 525 Cross Cultural Awareness in MT (3 cr.)

MUS 511 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

MUS 570 Music, Neurology & Physiology (2 cr.)

MUS 540 Music Therapy Research I (3 cr.)

Year 2: Fall

MUS 535 MT Supervision & Prof. Develop (2 cr.)

MUS 545 Music Therapy Research II (3 cr.)

MUS 575 Music Therapy & Palliative Care (2 cr.)

MUS 511 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

Year 2: Spring

MUS 555 Music Therapy, Spirituality & Wellbeing (2 cr.)

MUS 585 Adv. MT Group Work (3 cr.)

MUS 511 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

MUS 590 Interdisciplinary Prac. & Research (3 cr.)

MUS 565 Adv. MT with Infants, Child. & Family (2 cr.)

* must complete music repertoire tests, and piano and guitar proficiency exams (all repertoire texts and proficiency exams must be completed before the start of the clinical internship)

Year 3: Summer into Fall

Clinical Internship (6 month internship)

Year 3: Spring

MUS 520 Adv. Music Therapy Clinical Practice II (3 cr.)

MUS 511 Music Therapy Practicum (0 cr.)

Year 3: Summer

MUS 580 Transcultural Music Therapy (6 cr.)

MUS 576 MT in Trama Informed care (2 cr.)

MUS 595 Final Project (2 cr.)

NOTE: MUS 511 Advanced Clinical Practicum (0 cr.) is a required co-requisite with MUS 515 and 520 and must be taken with at least two of the following courses: MUS 525, 550,560, 565, 575, or 585.