Students who plan to enter the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, ministry, veterinary science, or pharmacy can profit from a liberal arts education at Augsburg.

It is recommended that requirements for admission to graduate schools or seminaries be reviewed and the course of study at Augsburg planned accordingly. A faculty advisor is available in each field to assist students in their planning. In addition, the Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunities (URGO) office includes a Health Science Advisor who works directly with students pursuing health care fields. Students who want to plan a pre-professional program should contact Academic Advising prior to or early in their first year to arrange for faculty advising.

List of Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Health Science
    • See Biology Departmental page
  • Pre-Law
    • Students considering a career in law should examine the handbook published by the Association of American Law Schools. Pre-law students major in disciplines of their own choosing; most law school entrance requirements will be satisfied with a record of solid achievement coupled with an acceptable Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score.
  • Pre-Pharmacy
    • Augsburg has a program designed to fulfill minimum requirements of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota: BIO 151, 353, 476; CHM 115, 116, 351, 352; COM 111 or 115; ECO 112 or 113; ENL 111, 220; MAT 145; PHY 121, 122; and two courses in behavioral sciences such as PSY 105 and SOC 121. Requirements at other universities may vary.
  • Pre-Seminary
    • A student may enter a theological seminary with any of several different majors, such as history, philosophy, English, psychology, sociology, or religion. Recommended preparation includes REL 100, 200; at least two semesters of history (Western civilization); one or more courses in the history of philosophy; and Greek in the junior and/or senior year. The Bernhard Christensen Center for Vocation provides resources and support, including scholarship opportunities, for students considering seminary.